Samuel Eudovique, Kelson Roberts, and Carol Stanton

Samuel Eudovique

When one envisions a night at the opera, images of lavish performing arts centers and high-society hobnobbing usually come to mind. But this Sunday's show at the historic Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church offers an alternative for those averse to stuffy venues and high ticket prices. Samuel Eudovique -- a rare dramatic tenor -- headlines the evening, with the ever-graceful coloratura Carol Stanton and baritone Kelson Roberts rounding out the lineup. Billed as a showcase for the world's next great black opera singers, this performance should capture all of opera's magic and power with only a fraction of its pretense and price.

Samuel Eudovique, Kelson Roberts, and Carol Stanton perform Sunday, October 9, at Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, 301 NW 9th St, Miami. Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for seniors and students, and free for children under twelve. For more information, call 305-379-4147.

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