Riptide Presents: Art? Or Not Art?

Ever found yourself scratching your noggin, trying to comprehend a work of art? Especially one displayed at Art Basel Miami Beach? Like us, you might even mistake fair director Samuel Keller for Deal or No Deal's Howie Mandel. It's okay: Don't feel like a rube.

We live in an age when an Australian, calling himself "Pricasso," paints portraits of President Bush with his pecker. When a cluster of three Home Depot-ish floor lamps is for sale at a Wynwood gallery for $15,000.

That's why Riptide is challenging you to question the legitimacy of the works assembled below — without fear of appearing like a huckleberry. (One piece is valued at $500 and was purchased at a Wynwood thrift store for $20. Click here to read the tale.) You'll find a handful of works exhibited by the world's leading galleries at ABMB in recent years, along with three red herrings we've tossed in.


Art Basel Miami Beach

Test your eye and separate the legit from the bogus to win a prize. Submit your best guesses to by Monday, December 10. Answers will be printed in next week's Riptide. The winner gets a work of art from the Spinello Gallery in Wynwood.

Click on the graphic below to download a PDF file of the images, and good luck!


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