Birther in chief, Lou Dobbs
Birther in chief, Lou Dobbs

Rick Scott Promises to "Look Into" Obama's Birth Certificate

Following in the footsteps of Marco Rubio, Republican Governor Candidate Rick Scott has found himself flirting with the birther movement. When speaking today at a rally in Central Florida's uber-retirement mecca, The Villages, he was confronted with a question over the legitimacy of President Obama's birth certificate he admitted he didn't know much about the issues, but said, "I'll have to look into it." 

We're not sure if that means Scott will have to look into the issue himself (honestly, how many politically aware people at least somewhat familiar with the controversy/conspiracy, and at this point what's to look into? The theory that President Obama isn't eligible to serve because he was supposedly born in Kenya has been dismissed even by many Republicans) or if he'll use his power as Governor to look into it. Yeah, well just because Jeb Bush decided to insert himself into a constitutional crises of who become president doesn't mean that's really a power that comes with the job. 

At this point it's kind of embarrassing for Republicans to keep trying to appease the birther movement. Wouldn't it benefit politicians like Scott more to gently sidestep the issue all together, and promises that if elected they'll do everything they can to help support the Republican nominee in 2012? 


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