Rick Scott Cannot Salsa: Is His Governor Candidacy Doomed?

Billionaire Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott visited the Little Havana Activities Center today to schmooze with Miami's older Cuban-American constituency. He kept your abuelos entertained by playing dominoes, and he danced with your abuelas. Shockingly, though, Scott cannot dance. His moves are about as stiff as a domino. Is his candidacy doomed?

"At times, his moves looked more like the Running Man, but his dance partners seemed to appreciate the effort," writes Naked Politics.

Well, they appreciated the effort, so it's probably not a political death by dancing. Plus we doubt his Republican rival, Bill McCollum, can do any better.

In the annals of Anglo politicians pandering to elderly Cuban-American stereotypes, it's not even that bad. At least Scott didn't show up in a guayabera and quote Fidel Castro.

Regardless, this video from Shark-Tank.net illustrated just how horrible a dancer Scott is.


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