Where's the governor?
Where's the governor?
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Rick Scott Almost Bailed on Televised Debate Because Charlie Crist Got a Fan Onstage

Long before they could tackle issues like Florida's economy, education funding or crime rates during tonight's televised debate, Gov. Rick Scott took a proud stand on a far more important issue: Charlie Crist's fan.

Crist, for the uninitiated, has always insisted on having a fan blowing his direction during live appearances. He got one under his podium for tonight's debate at Broward College. Scott -- the governor of our fine state -- retaliated by refusing to come out for tonight's debate. Really!

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UPDATE: Here's video of the truly strange situation. (H/T to Random Pixels.)

Enjoy the meltdown in real time:

Eventually, Scott dropped his protest -- which apparently rested on a ban on "electronic devices" on stage -- and came out to debate.

Crist, of course, wasted no time getting in a dig at the governor in his first answer:

Florida! The magic never ends.

UPDATE: In case you really need to know who was right about fangate, it sure looks like Crist's signed debate rules included a handwritten agreement to let him use the fan:

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