Rick Scott Administration Bans Pornography in Prisons

Despite the fact Rick Scott used to owns shares in a social media company that partnered with Playboy, his prison chief was so distraught by the site of a Playboy centerfold hanging in a jail that he's now banned all pornography from state prisons.

According to The Buzz, Edwin Buss, Scott's handpicked head of the Department of Corrections, was touring a prison when he saw the nudey pics on display and has decided to ban everything. The ban even includes "verbal" depictions of pornography:

It is the goal of the Department to prohibit pornographic material, to include material that verbally or pictorially depicts actual or simulated sexual intercourse; masturbation; sadomasochist abuse; lewd exhibition of the genitals or contact with unclothed genitals. buttocks, pubic area, or female breasts; acts of sexual battery or simulated sexual battery; and nudity creating the appearance of imminent sexual conduct (e.g., display of aroused sexual organs).

So, does this include prisoners tattoos? Because we've seen a lot of guys with some quite lewd ink.

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