Republicans Don't Care About Your Silly Little Grammar

You know your spelling and grammar are horrible when even I am bothered by it.

The Miami Herald's Naked Politics blog has some pictures of protesters picketing allegedly adulterating WPB congressman Tim Mahoney. One says "Your Fired Time." Well, I guess someday soon he may be someone's fired Tim, but if there's one thing I've learned from Donald Trump, it's that the phrase is "you're fired."

It's not quite as great as such Republican protest sign hits as "Obama Half Breed Muslin" and "Make English America's Offical Language," but it serves to remind us all of something I'm quickly learning: at least run a basic spell and grammar check on your words, especially if they're to prove a political point. (note: any spelling or grammatical mistakes that may be found within this post or any other today are actually sly jokes, haha, honestly).

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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