Record for World's Longest Cuban Sandwich to be Set in Miami This Weekend

F*ck art, lets eat!

This weekend a local rotary group will attempt to set a world record for the longest Cuban sandwich ever. That's a whole lot of ham and pork.

The Rotary Club of Miami-Granada in collaboration with FIU Rotaract will attempt to set the record this Saturday at Lucho's Restaurant, 5628 SW 102nd Ave.

So how big will this sandwich be? Thirty-feet-long, apparently. It will include 10 pounds of ham, 10 pound of pork, seven pounds of Swiss cheese, and a gallon each of mayo and mustard.

"Nobody has ever done a Cuban sandwich record. They've done other sandwiches, but not Cuban," Octavio Ramos, the groups president, tells Fox News Latino. "So it seemed like a good idea because Cubans are specifically in this area."

The Miami Herald reports that the sandwich will actually be several smaller four-foot sandwiches connected together because a 30-foot loaf of bread is pretty impossible to bake.

Tickets are on sale for $20, and everyone who buys one gets a piece of the record breaking sandwich. The event is scheduled for tomorrow between noon and 3 p.m. All proceeds go towards the Toy Drive for St. Ann's Mission.

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