Reader Mail: Wynwood Club Crapola

Murder Most Risqué

Sublimate and stab: Regarding the feature story about the murderous porn star John Snavely ("Champ," Michael E. Miller, October 31): Obviously Snavely was an escort as well. This article seemed to be beating around the bush. Many strippers also escort.

And he wasn't tricked into gay porn. This guy is a liar. Lying about his sexuality. Lying about his pay (he didn't make $4,000 per week and didn't shoot six gay porn scenes a week). Manipulative. Violent. It all makes sense.

This guy was also featured on the Dirty.

We've seen it a ton of times before. These supposedly "gay for pay" (real straight guys don't do it for money) guys murder their sugar daddies or their tricks. I think he was violent because he was frustrated about his sexuality and viewed his bisexual side as a weakness. It explains his hypermasculinity — his covering up anything that might even hint at being gay. Shane Saunders

Convicted: Snavely hasn't been found guilty yet, but you and your newspaper have done that. Is that how it works now in America? Tonym8

Filmed?: When is a Hollywood film being made on this sad, true-life, stranger-than-fiction story? mittoo

Club Clatter

Fishy? You betcha: Your story about downtown nightclub owners fighting Wynwood's first megaclub, House ("Club Wars," Michael E. Miller, October 31), isn't about some battle of nightclubs. It's more than that.

This isn't the first article on the Miami Entertainment District Association (MEDA) and their dirt. They did it to me in Wynwood, with no warning. If House is able to stay open until 5 a.m., any limitation is questionable. There are several places that were approved for 5 a.m. service, including Bardot, the Stage, and another spot on NW 26th Street and North Miami Avenue. Sarnoff actually voted for the Stage with no cooling-off period. Wynwood will start pursuing 5 a.m. within a month.

So, um, ya... it definitely smells fishy. Progress, people! creatureofthenight

Let us in!: This is sickening. I love Mekka. I work overnight and have odd hours, and Mekka is one of the few clubs I can still go to in the middle of the night, when other places are about to close. But I am tired of this greed. They are so desperate to make money that they have to stoop to practically trapping us in the clubs like prisoners. We can't even step outside and away from the ear-breakingly loud music to have a cigarette in peace or make a phone call without having to pay again. And with these after-hours clubs, it's ridiculous. They are open all day and night, but you can't go outside to maybe, just maybe, get some snacks or to at least sober up. And God forbid you left something in your car!

The whole "no re-entry" thing is a cheap scam from greedy club owners. There are many clubs out there that don't need to stoop to this level and are still successful. I honestly do think this is one of the things that is killing the economy and the development of downtown and its club/entertainment areas.

Club-hopping is practically impossible, but in Broward it's commonplace. You see people stepping out of the club to check out another before coming back. I remember on Las Olas a few times, we would go to a club, then walk a few blocks to catch a friend's band, and go back to wherever we started. We all still pay, and the money is circulating, and there are a lot of street activities with restaurants and cafés open late. Same goes with South Beach. It's no wonder there's practically nowhere to eat in downtown in late hours. Everyone is trapped inside the clubs! Mechanesthesia

Silly supper club: Duh... don't you get your liquor license all straightened out before building out a club? Come on — this is silly. It is not a supper club. So to cry foul over having your supper-club scam denied and claim others are corrupt when you're the corrupt one... silly, silly, silly. Tommy

Just another Miami payoff: When is someone who investigates public corruption going to get involved here and take down MEDA, Mekka co-owner Michael Slyder, and Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff? Guaranteed payoffs in this banana republic! From what I heard, even Sarnoff was saying how amazing it was inside when he saw it a few days prior to the hearing. Banana republic

Escape the drama: So, this article is supposed to get us to support this club now? All we've been seeing on House's Facebook page are bullshit images of random shit. I unliked that page a while ago because these two years of false promises have just left me upset. I decided to head to LIV and Story and enjoy good times, away from the drama. Upsetpartygoer


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