Reader Mail: Tony Montana Isn't the Face of Miami

Best of Miami

Tired concept: Ten or 15 years ago, I might have cared about your Best of Miami issue ("Best of Miami 2012," New Times staff, June 14), but now the whole "Best Of " concept seems like just another tired, artificial manifestation of a neurotic categorization fetish and a cheap form of public relations that discourages open-minded exploration of the city. I'll pass this time and figure it out for myself.


Say hello to my little complaint: It's a shame that you think a drug lord like Tony Montana is the right kind of character to use as the face of your Best of Miami 2012 issue. You should apologize to the whole city.

Mario Yerak

Jim Crow Returns

Biased and wrong: Your column claiming the GOP is trying to suppress minorities' votes using new registration laws ("Welcome Back, Jim Crow," Chuck Strouse, June 7) is very biased. Nobody should be able to register others to vote, especially a teacher who by definition is in a position to influence young Americans. The same thing goes for a writer who taints the story to support his own opinion. Are you saying that by not allowing voting on Sundays, the African-American and Hispanic population can't vote? Your implication is prejudiced and absurd. You're grasping at straws here.

Mrs. S

Take Sundays off: You complain that Republicans' forbidding early voting on Sundays is racist, but let's see what else is closed on Sundays: banks, government offices, Chick-fil-A, post offices, many corporations, most doctors' offices, and dentists. I suppose they are all "racists" too. You true racists try to find racism in every move Republicans make. They could pass a law banning chewing gum and you'd find a way to make it a race issue. If blacks want to vote, they can do it along with everyone else — either during early voting (except on Sundays), by mail, or on Election Day, which is never a Sunday.


Early excuses: Wow, talk about desperation. Now the Democrats have to manufacture an artificial crisis to explain why they will lose in 2012 a full five months ahead of time. That's really bad. Obama will lose due to failed policies and failed attempts at ballot-box rigging, as Democrats usually do, like getting dead people and foreigners to vote. What a sham!


Mexican Warfare

No harassment intended: Your story argues that laws such as Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 represent a growing war on Mexicans ("Bordering on Revolution," Michael Lacey, June 7), but no one is advocating extreme tactics, harassment, or any other abuse of authority. Anyone stopped for an illegal act should be required to show proper ID, a driver's license, a state-issued ID, a passport, or a visa. If you can't, and you are here illegally, that's trespassing. Just let me cross into Mexico without a passport and visa, break a law, and see if I don't get arrested, jailed, and eventually deported. All the unfortunate problems mentioned in this article are the result of people willfully entering a foreign country illegally and setting up residence.

Dr. Welkenstine

No different from Mexico: We are a sovereign nation, and just like any other sovereign nation in the world, we have the right to protect our borders and to decide who stays and who goes. If I were to move to Mexico illegally from Guatemala, do you really think the Mexican government would give me Medicaid to care for my nine children, as well as a job, food stamps, a free education, and a free cell phone? The last time I checked, Guatemalans illegally crossing the Mexican border are shot at by Mexican authorities. The Arizona law is designed to equip law enforcement with the tools to check the legal status of someone who was stopped for already violating the law. It is neither intended nor does it allow law enforcement officers to stop someone merely because of the dark pigmentation of that person's skin.

Patriot's Silent Revolt

Best of the Best

Miami New Times dominated at this year’s Society of Professional Journalists’ Green Eyeshade Awards, which honor the best journalism across the southeastern United States. The paper took nine first-place awards, including three for staff writer Michael E. Miller, two each for senior writer Gus Garcia-Roberts and managing editor Tim Elfrink, and one each for staff writer Francisco Alvarado and contributor Jean Friedman-Rudovsky.


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