Reader Mail: Thomas Kramer Is a Nice Guy

Cream of the Kramer

He's nice: The cover story about South Beach businessman Thomas Kramer ("The Fall of Thomas Kramer," Lera Gavin, May 23) was great, very compassionate, and kind of sad. I attended a few of Kramer's parties. He is a nice guy and a gracious host, and I'm sorry to hear he is going through this. Hopefully everything works out for him. Lysette

He's a disaster: This should have happened a lot sooner, but nonetheless it is still so sweet to see such a douchebag finally fall from grace. As someone who was in South Beach long before he got there, I saw that he actually fit in quite well. I credit him with making the opening of Rebar, a club where I worked, successful. His fiasco of opening club Hell was such a disaster that it made ours that much more special. The guy was completely demonized by anybody cool in South Beach, and the fact that he had the nerve to stay down there for as long as he did just goes to prove how arrogant he was, is, and will always be. To most people, South Pointe and Portofino towers are eyesores on the Beach. DJ Strip


Letters to the Editor

He's, um, humble: I have met Thomas Kramer, and I have to say he is a humble and friendly person. His house has always been open for everybody, and he gave opportunities to many people. I don't know many people who are like this. I think he didn't deserve this article. Katerina

He's been betrayed: I have always said nothing surprises me anymore. The Devil was once an angel. Thomas, you are way better than the rest of them. You never did anything bad to this writer, and this is how people repay you. Guess you are no longer worth anything when you are not paying someone a salary. I've seen it many times throughout the years. You are nice to people and they go out and talk shit about you. You don't deserve this, especially because you sold your valuable belongings to pay these people executive salaries for producing nothing. You are a way better person, Thomas, always making everyone feel at home. Keep your head up always. This one has gotta hurt because it is written by someone whom you trusted and loved. Alex Lacayo

He's grown: I always felt TK was a greatly misunderstood mad genius who suffered from mood swings. I still wish my friend the best in everything despite his peccadillos; he can be a loving, wonderful friend. I have also seen him grow so much over two decades — personally, spiritually, and, I hope, ethically. Kamletmd1

He has many friends: Wow. It doesn't happen really often that you get so many insights into something. Bild, one of the biggest German newspapers, reported about Kramer and cited Miami New Times as a source. 

Even your cover picture showing Kramer swinging from Portofino Tower tells a lot, because he had a model of the Portofino placed at the entrance of his office, and King Kong was hanging on it.

It would be interesting to know if the writer, who worked for Kramer, felt she owed loyalty to her employer. Even more so because she gained all these insights because she was hired to write his autobiography. Now all that stuff is used for journalistic purposes.

Furthermore, it would be nice to know if Kramer has reserves in countries where the authorities might not get access to them. I still can't believe he has to sell off his watches and luxury stuff. Nevertheless, he is staying in Cannes these days. Can he then really be that short of cash?

His story now seems to equal that of two young German guys (S&K) who had a similar lifestyle but gained their cash from a Ponzi scheme. They got arrested a couple of weeks ago, and they knew Kramer. There are pictures showing them on Star Island and of Kramer at their Frankfurt office. Kramer has tweeted that he doesn't know these guys and that they just attended one of his parties.

There are still so many open questions. It seems like one more article is necessary. SoBe

Bad Drew

One for all and all for Drew: I agree with Uncle Luke that the NFL Players Association should investigate sports agent Drew Rosenhaus for shady business tactics ("Bad Sport," Luther Campbell, May 23). But at the end of the day, you have to realize that Rosenhaus is looking out for himself and that's it. That's all. He's what I believe is called a hustler! mowetter69

From a longtime acqaintance: I know Drew from high school, and he is a greedy person. You are right, but that is how it goes. That is what happens when you deal with Democrats. Did you know that Drew is a Democrat? That is what happens when people like Luke listen to Democrats like him. They get messed up. I will prove that I know him. I graduated with him and his cousin Stacy in 1984 from North Miami Senior High, and he was a star tennis player when he was in junior high. Joe the Puerto Rican Man, Boricua to the Bone


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