Reader Mail: Thomas Kramer Is a Good Person

So That's What It Does!

And it ain't good: A great read with equally great art ("The Politely Evil Empire," Pete Kotz, January 30). People, don't let your children grow up to become members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. gumsandals

Then again, what would a bunch of liberals know?: For the most part, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce fights for freedom, liberty, and equality. The problem of the left is that they think equality means legislating preferential treatment to special interest groups. I am disappointed in the Chamber's support of entitlement programs and bigger government. This article is just more biased tripe one comes to expect from the so-called media — typical left-wing talking points combined with ignorance and a failure to grasp even the most basic of logic. Here is a clue for you guys: It is called the Chamber of COMMERCE, not the Chamber of Regulations or Chamber of Taxes. Its sole purpose is to promote commerce, something I am sure you have no grasp of. Anthonyvop1


Read Mail: Thomas Kramer Is a Good Person

Etymology of a Rhodes Scholar

Anybody got a thesaurus?: Regarding Uncle Luke's column about the Seahawks' Richard Sherman being called a thug by mainstream media ("The Etymology of 'Thug,'" Luther Campbell, January 30): Nobody complained when we were all calling Richie Incognito a thug. So if the thug is white, it's OK to call him a thug. If the thug is Indian (from India, you know, that country in Asia), it's also OK to call him a thug. However, if the person happens to be of a certain race, we are not allowed to call him a thug. What do we call him then? Exiliado

¡Ay, caramba!: Richard Sherman wasn't a Rhodes scholar as you say. Do your homework if you are gonna talk shit. Jerry Gonzalez

Journalism is a cruel mistress: Those sport reporters should know better. Put a muzzle on their mouths. It baffles me that most of them freely use those discriminatory words without realizing their potential negative effects. Johnny Sterlin

Three's a Crowd

We learned something: Lesson of the day, kids: Don't ask another man to pose nude with your wife for money ("Bizarre Love Triangle," Allie Conti, January 30) — or for anything else, for that matter. SMH. Dech28

She's right: It's all Wally Clark's fault. Dude: Let. It. Go. She left you for another. Melisa Misley

Better threesomes back in the day: This is nothing new, and it's mild by comparison. Remember Broward Sheriff's Deputy Jeffrey Willets' arrest and conviction for pimping his wife, Kathy, to just about every politician in South Florida? They even videotaped her with clients, including the former vice mayor of Fort Lauderdale! Sean O'Hanlon

This is an age-old story: The real math is he was 66; she was 20. Sorry, but you'd be a fool to think their marriage would last longer than a song or few at the bar she stripped at. How long does Hugh Hefner keep them? And he's Playboy-wealthy. James G. Camp

Kramer Versus Gavin

The writer is disgruntled: This is a bullshit article written by a scorned, disgruntled ex-employee who befriended Thomas Kramer and is using his name and fame to advance her so-called career as a serious journalist ("SoBe King Broke," Lera Gavin, January 30). Give me a break. This is not journalism; this is yellow journalism at its lowest. Thomas knew you wrote dominatrix articles for New Times, so of course he hired you. He gave you a stable job for a year with a very nice salary and benefits. You never produced one cent for him. Still, you betrayed him by writing a very stupid article on his private life. Whatever financial problems Thomas is having started when you were born, not in 2014. And it's his business and only his. Either way, it's time for you to move on. I think you have mocked him enough. Your 15 minutes expired a long time ago. No one significant cares about Thomas' problems. Stick to writing about hookers; that seems to be your specialty. My friend and your ex-boss is above your level. Broke or rich, Thomas has something you will never have: loyalty. He stood till his last moment so you and the TK team had jobs. He never abandoned you or betrayed you. Karma is a bitch. Nothing worse than ungrateful people! Alex Lacayo

Plus, her life is boring: Sad to see that people have nothing else to do in life other than speak poorly of others. All the mean comments are from people who obviously don't know him. If they did, they would know that Thomas is a great man with a big heart. He is extremely intelligent and knows exactly what he is doing. So don't worry about him, and get back to your shitty and boring life! MCap

He deserved it: Sweet justice for what happened to the numerous people who've claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Thomas Kramer but were "discouraged" from pursuing justice. Karma always has a way of catching up. In the words of Kramer: "F--k YOUR life!" I hope you rot in a ditch. Anastasia Biltmore


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