Reader Mail: Thieving Prostitutes and WLRN

When Thieving Prostitutes Strike, You Respond

I'm not shedding any tears: Are we supposed to feel sorry for these rich guys who use their money to exploit women, when the women exploit them right back ("Fox Force Four," Allie Conti, January 23)? They deserve each other. They are both exploiting their assets to get what they want from someone else. The men use their money to impress and hopefully conquer young, beautiful women less than half their age. In return, the women use their youth and sexiness to get what they want from rich men more than twice their age. They are both exploiting the situation for completely self-indulgent interests. Kurt Kelley

Me neither: Some dirtbags try to take advantage of young chicks and get ripped off. Cry me a river. They wanted to take advantage of these chicks and would have if they'd had the opportunity. They had it coming. Kelly Canfield


Reader Mail: Thieving Prostitutes and WLRN

Nor I: B.O.O. H.O.O. Way to have a bodyguard and not use him, douche. Paul Sutherland

I'm actually laughing: Ha-ha, good for these prostitutes. Men are always suckers when it comes to women, pretty or ugly. It all depends on how drunk a man is. Bendecida ConDios Adelante

Witty intro: Birds of a feather flock together. The gents had their minds on taking advantage of the women, but the women beat them to the punch. Ha! Sandra Strickland

A-plus for reading comprehension: The bigger story here is a frigging weatherman getting half a million dollars a year to ugly up my TV screen. jthomp1515

Is it all a big conspiracy?: What is fiction is that the bars and restaurants are not involved. In fact, these operators depend on each other: the women to attract marks into these operations to run the tab up fraudulently high so the house gets paid something for nothing and the tips escalate. So what happens here is the women get their mark, the restaurant gets fraudulently paid for food and beverages it didn't serve, and the waiter gets an oversize tip on the inflated fraudulent tab. Ever wonder why these women seem so readily and openly available? frankd


Hey, fundraising is a tough job: Regarding your article about WLRN employees facing layoffs and cutbacks while a top fundraiser makes $400,000 ("Friends With Benefits," Michael E. Miller, January 21): Funny, but the station recently aired a segment of a guy who claimed fundraisers would operate with a profit motive and be self-sustaining to be continually functional and perpetually generating resources and that society is better off with well-paid productive solicitors than nickle-and-dime bake sales, as fundraisers will always cost a premium to promote and call attention to a cause. If I raise a million dollars per year for you, what should I get? There were quite a number of very resourceful efforts to sell war bonds during World War II, and I see the same opportunity for success here. frankd4

Damn spendy libs!: NPR is biased to the far left. A $400,000 salary is grand theft of taxpayer dollars! Steve Klare

Deep thoughts from a young poet: I may be 22 years old and make a lower income, but I listen to jazz, reggae, world music, and world news thanks to WLRN! Out of all the shit American media outlets, NPR is the best. I love NPR! Also, screw private ads, their greedy bastard CEO, and money. Yes, money. Money corrupts everything, even individual people. Humberto Troitino

So messed up: Wait, does this include money given during their on-air pledge drives — the money they say on-air goes directly to the programming? If so, that makes it hard to justify donating to those drives, as much as WLRN is a fine radio station. That's messed up. FatHand

Disgusted, and bored on Wednesdays: Disgusting. As usual, the rich get richer, while those seeking to serve the public on the radio get screwed. By the way, I am so sick of the radio station broadcasting the school board meetings on Wednesday when I need to hear the news. CThom

You're quite welcome: Thanks, New Times. I hope the school board is listening to the station it owns. The quality we've come to expect won't be around much longer if Friends and the WLRN management keep pocketing the money instead of providing living wages for their employees. Friends of WLRN director of corporate marketing Michael Peyton et al. have no concern for the people who make their lives so luxurious. I'm not against people making money, but I am against anyone making money at the expense of others. sophie.my2cents

Thanks for the input, Mr. Limbaugh: Shouldn't be called public radio. It's really a liberal loudspeaker. Time for a name change. Ayal Factor


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