Reader Mail: The Presidential Election Isn't About Race

Prison Campy

Jobs are key: "Two Activists Infiltrate a Center Where Illegal Immigrants Are Held" by Chris Sweeney (October 18) is a great piece. Too bad there aren't any thought-inducing arguments or enlightening comments, just racism. Laws don't equal morality, and human rights are for all, not some. I am sorry, though, for all the American citizens waiting, hoping, wishing for a job in the arid fields or in the shady corners of Home Depot who are unable to get one because of those damned undocumented immigrants. Shesays

Activists, take note: These are not activists. These are two people with an agenda, an illegal agenda! Why is the lamestream media so enamored of a pack of illegal invaders and completely silent in regard to the majority of taxpaying, law-abiding citizens. There is a right way to immigrate to this country. Millions have taken that path, and I suggest these so-called activists could spend their time more productively trying to educate the illegal population as to the right way of doing things rather than constantly demanding more freebies from the taxpayer. Robinked

Refaliens? So when Cubans enter the country illegally, they're labeled as "refugees," but then the Mexicans enter the country illegally and they're labeled "illegal aliens." You gotta love the double standard. Theunbegun

No green cards for illegals: Our laws should be so strong and punishing that they deter the illegal entry into our country. I understand some feel we should have open borders and just allow all those who wish to migrate here to do so freely. I don't understand those who say people entering our country illegally should be rewarded with a green card. This is not how you deter one from entering our nation illegally. It is how you encourage it. Sieandme

Keep them behind bars: Embezzlers are not allowed to keep on embezzling until their day in court. Why are criminal immigrants allowed to keep practicing their crimes? Just letting them out on bail is like leaving embezzlers on the job with access to steal even more. Illegal immigrants should have to await their day in court in their own country. Wigglwagon

Set the Record Straight

Wrong guy: Hmmm. "Gay Athletes Go Public" by Tim Elfrink and Andy Mannix (October 18) said, "Yet in 2012, none of the four major American sports has ever seen an active, openly gay player like Cruz." Ever hear of David Kopay? He was a major-league football player who came out in 1975 and played for the 49ers, Lions, Redskins, Saints, and Packers. He even wrote a book about being a gay football player, The David Kopay Story. This is not to denigrate Mr. Cruz in any way; as much as I am against the sport of boxing, he has gained high respect for his actions in coming out and continuing to pursue his dream. I merely wanted to set the record straight. (You should pardon the expression.) LukeOwens

It's Not About Race

Go green and you'll never...: So let me understand what Luther Campbell's October 18 column, "Obama Will Lose the Election if African-Americans Don't Turn Out to Vote," is all about. If more blacks in the Miami area vote, the president will have a better chance of getting reelected. So you are assuming that black people will automatically vote for Obama. This mindset is so unfortunate. I keep thinking about the pins that were being passed out at the Democratic convention. On them, it stated: "If you vote black, you'll never go back." This is what our country has come to. I am white, and my wife is black. Her 20-year-old daughter is voting in her first presidential election. She is not voting skin color. bobbyj195371

No handouts: Obama has done absolutely nothing for this country. I am a woman who will be voting for Mitt Romney because the color of the president's skin has absolutely nothing to do with the issues at hand. All I hear is that Romney is rich and does not care about the poor people. Well, Obama is rich too, and he does not care about the poor either. He does not even care about his own family. The rich are still going to be rich, and the poor are still going to be poor. You really have to think about this. If rich people were not around, who would sign your paycheck? They are vital for this country.

I am part of the lower middle class, and I am struggling daily. We are barely making ends meet, but I sure as hell do not run to the government and ask for a free handout. That is what is wrong with America. Puhleeze


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