Reader Mail: The CIA Definitely Runs Drugs

Spy Tales

The truth is out there: Wow, your story about Thor Holm Hansen, the Norwegian country singer and possible CIA operative ("Outlaw's Revenge," Terrence McCoy, February 14), was great. I wish more tales were covered this well. Thor seems like a character out of a Tim Dorsey book. That said, I think there could be some truth to what he says about his involvement with the CIA. His connections with the Outlaw bike gang would put him in a great position to move weapons and drugs, and the CIA often used people like that in those days. When they were done, they threw them away or locked them up. Rosie K.

Not unusual for the CIA: In the old days, the CIA sold drugs to fund covert operations. They even had the Mafia guard the money. This guy was either played by someone who made that claim and he bought into it, or he is telling the whole truth. joedoakes101

Hurricane Al

A basketball school: Uncle Luke is absolutely right to chide University of Miami football coach Al Golden for ignoring Florida high schoolers ("Al Golden Hates Florida," Luther Campbell, February 14). All of South Florida's talent is going to Tallahassee. Golden is a cancer to the UM football program, and unless you get rid of the cancer, nothing is going to happen with the football program. But hey, now you have an up-and-coming basketball program with Jim Larranaga. Miami's glory days of football are all behind them now. Miami has become a basketball town ever since LeBron James took his talents south. BigChiliGuy

ACC at fault: Luther, you amaze me at how dumb you are. You don't think Golden tried to recruit Florida players? The problem is that Miami is in the ACC, which is not a football conference. Florida players go to the SEC so they can be on prime-time TV. They want to go to the pros, and that's harder to do when you play in the ACC against Wake Forest, Duke, and Virginia. Who wants to watch Miami vs. Wake? Also, no one goes to watch the games at Miami. The stands are almost as bare as those at a Marlins game. liberalsunite_attheo

Faulty logic: First off, the UM players who left early last year for the NFL were dumb. Everyone has said so, from you to Michael Irvin. Second, Ray Ray Armstrong wasn't even eligible to play in the NAIA anymore, so how was he gonna stay and play in Miami? Blame Golden if you want, but I bet if Golden were black, you wouldn't care so much. boe3515

These Florida kids are good: Is Luther Campbell really blaming Al Golden for Florida kids turning professional early when he advised them not to do so? Is he really blaming Al Golden for Ray Ray Armstrong getting suspended, when Armstrong could not even get his eligibility back to play at any school in the country? Oh, and I guess you should apologize to the young Florida kids that Al Golden has recruited to Miami, including Anthony Chickillo, Dallas Crawford, Phillip Dorsett, and many others. I'm sorry, but Luther Campbell has determined that you will not be "ballers" in the same vein as Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, and Sean Taylor because "those days are over." CaneGrad05

Retire Luke: The only thing weaker than Uncle Luke's logic is his football resumé. What did he do to be an expert? Play JV ball in 1965? I bet as a coach, he has Northwestern High School running defenses he learned while playing the Tecmo Bowl arcade game in the '80s. It's time to take your moronic opinions and lies to Century Village, Grandpa Luke. zeke305

Golden stayed: Your supposed conspiracy involving UM's administration is ridiculous. If Al Golden was being told what to do, he would have left to go to any one of the opening head coaching jobs he's been offered since coming to Miami. They all wanted him to go. Wilson

Valet Vendetta

Sue them already: I can't believe the Soho Beach House is trying to ban a man because their valets wrecked his Porsche ("Luxury Letdown," Francisco Alvarado, February 14). He needs to sue them. How can they say they want to pay only $25,000 worth of damage when the cost of his damaged car was $40,000? He needs to sue for total damages and for the stress they caused him. None of this was his fault. Ked Killjoy


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