Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in The Avengers.
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in The Avengers.
Zade Rosenthal

Reader Mail: The Avengers Don't Need a Black Superhero

Jim Crow Returns

Racism incarnate: Your story about the GOP's strategy to beat Barack Obama with a raft of laws aimed at suppressing votes ("Welcome Back, Jim Crow," Chuck Strouse, June 7) confirms the Republicans just want to make it harder for minorities to cast ballots. That's exactly what Florida Gov. Rick Scott is doing by trying to purge 150,000-plus residents out of their chance to vote just because their Hispanic names suggest they could be noncitizens (even though almost none actually are). It's a gimmick to try to get better results for Republicans. Either way, and whomever you are voting for, it is still horse crap and should be stopped.



letters to the editor

ID everyone: By your rationale, we also need to fight the biggest case of organized government racism: none other than the TSA. They require everyone to show proof of identity just to get on a commercial aircraft. How dare they? This "stopping people from voting without an ID is a racist ploy" argument is so stupid that it is laughable. I mean, without ID checks, how simple is it, then, to just go to different polling places, claim a name in the rolls, and vote multiple times? I am just theorizing here, but isn't anyone arguing against ID checks for voting for someone who could potentially be complicit in such scams? Rigged elections have happened in this nation's past, and ID checks can stop that cold.

Darth Touma

Legal voters only: Chuck, what the heck is wrong with you? The least that should be expected is for a person to show an ID and prove that he or she is a citizen. And as far as Sunday voting: The voters do not have to vote on a specific Tuesday as before; now they can ask for an absentee ballot and vote a month before. At least in Florida, there is early voting for one to two weeks prior to the election. What more do you want? To leave the polling stations open 24 hours? To send buses to pick up anyone they find and bring them to vote, as long as they are going to vote for your candidate?

No one is being "disenfranchised," which is a nice, meaningless word used only when the voters are not voting your way. I am a minority, and I think that all the options you are fighting for actually "disenfranchise" the legal voters by allowing a great number of unqualified, fraudulent voters to cast ballots.


Same laws for all: You should show proof of citizenship and age in order to get your voting card, period. That rule is the same for everybody, so it has nothing to do with minorities. In fact, there should be no more laws aimed at one group. Everybody should have to abide by the same laws.


Black Superheroes

Know your comics: Uncle Luke complains that The Avengers movie doesn't include the Black Panther or any other black characters with superpowers ("Luke's Gospel: Where's the Black Panther? The Avengers Forgot a Superhero for African-Americans," Luther Campbell, June 7). But the comic book didn’t involve the Black Panther until much later in the series. The Avengers you saw on-screen are the original team. Yes, Nick Fury was white back in the day, but when Marvel came out with the Ultimate Avengers series, they changed Fury to black, and Samuel L. Jackson kinda looks like him, which is why he was cast. They will probably introduce the Black Panther later, but first Marvel wants to give him his very own movie. I am half-white and half-black, and I didn't see a problem at all in this decision. Maybe it's because I actually know my comics.


Gap commercials suck: I don't remember any Asian or Native American characters in the movie either. Not every ethnic group can have a main character in every movie, and it doesn't have to. Otherwise we end up with Gap commercials instead of action films.


Green people, represent: You write that you hope the Black Panther makes it on-screen because your son "deserves a superhero who looks like him." Really? So are all the other heroes automatically racist because they're not black? The Hulk is green last time I checked, and so what if Banner is white?

John David

Zombie Survival Guide

Swim for your life: Thanks for giving us an ingenious set of tips to survive the coming undead attack ("Zombie Apocalypse," Hannah Sentenac, June 7). I especially appreciate the ideas that wrapping yourself in carpet could protect from a swarm of chomping zombies, and so could swimming away from the fiends. But one question remains: Can you swim in a carpet body-armor suit? We need answers, dammit!



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