Reader Mail: Teens Tied Down and Drugged

Torture Center

Citrus is the worst: My nephew is bipolar and has been in almost every psychiatric hospital in both Broward and Dade counties, so I was interested in reading your investigation into the troubled Citrus Center in Hialeah ("Throwaway Kids," Kyle Swenson, February 20). The story confirmed what we had already seen firsthand: Citrus is the worst facility he's been to. LizS

Follow the money: So the low-income, uneducated staff are charged with watching these troubled kids while the doctors making $200,000 to $400,000 a year play golf? No wonder there are issues. Jerry Gonzalez

Sue those bastards: This story is incredibly sad. I hope this place fires all the employees and does an extensive interview for new employees. I also hope it gets sued for abusing these kids. It's messed up that these kids have to go through more trauma. sodapop1987

Bieber farts and investigations: New Times may occasionally write lame stories about Bieber farting in a motel Jacuzzi, but when they do an investigative report, watch out. They play no kind of games. Alex Anico

NFL's Gay Barrier

Ready for some football: As Uncle Luke says, there's all this hoopla over University of Missouri star Michael Sam coming out of the closet before the NFL draft ("He's Not the First," Luther Campbell, February 20), but we should just let him play football. I don't care what he is; just play the game. He is not the first gay man in the NFL, and he won't be the last. So just get out there and show them all what you can do. kenusmc48

Not a surprise: Sam won't be the first gay player in NFL? I'm shocked! Thanks for the revelation! Sarcasm off. miamitrev2

Drowning in SoBe

Beaches are gross anyway: The problem of more and more people drowning in Miami Beach thanks to a lack of resources for lifeguards ("Trouble in Paradise," Michael E. Miller, February 20) would be easy to solve. Just test the sand for fecal matter and publish the results. Nobody would go to the beach anymore. Besides, Miami Beach is a union city, and a city run for city employees is not a city. It's a business. Miami Beach Crack

Learn to swim, New Yorkers: I would actually prefer fewer lifeguards. In my experience, they're usually a bunch of eye-rolling smart-asses who assume you can't swim, treat you with condescension, and try to block you from going into the water if there are even midsize waves. I'm a Florida native, and I could literally swim before I could walk. I understand the water, and I consider myself a good swimmer. If you're down here on "vay-kay" from New York and you don't have a clue what you're doing, stick to splashing around in your hotel's swimming pool. Don't go into the ocean if you know you can't swim. Christian Wells

No common sense: If common sense were actually common, we wouldn't need lifeguards. However, it's not, and people can get drunk at Wet Willie's and stumble the 100 yards across the street into the water and drown. I say give Ocean Rescue the resources it needs to save people's lives. We all know the City of Miami Beach can afford it. Bryan Selent

Don't drink the water: Bacteria will kill us all on Miami Beach. It's not just old plumbing on the beach to blame, but the cruise ships that dump waste nearby. Happy conjunctivitis! Patricia L. Watt

Fire department mafia: The problem is the lifeguards are now under the fire department union mafia. Do what other areas have done and hire independent lifeguarding companies. Heck, even John Stossel had a segment on this very issue. You'd get twice the bang for the buck to go independent and no more political BS with the fire department. Johnny2

Towed Away

Two sides to the story: Thanks for your angry rant about the horrible towing practices in Miami Beach ("Miami Beach Parking Authority Sucks," Terrence McCoy, February 20). The city has a contract with the tow companies, and every time the parking department tries to be nice with the citizens and cite the vehicles and not tow, the tow companies get their lawyers, go to city hall, and make a big deal about the number of tows going down. When management gets on the officers to tow more cars, that is what you get. At the end of the day, we all need to work. If you place the residential permit in the right place or if you park legally, there's no reason to cite or tow your vehicle. I understand this is one unhappy person, but there are plenty of other citizens calling for the parking department to cite and tow cars parked illegally so that law-abiding citizens can park. In that case, the parking department is the good guy. There are always two sides to the story. Why not put them both in the article? Parking


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