Reader mail: Tea Party's Victoria Jackson is a "moron"

Conservative Comedy

Socialist slant: I suspected that the just released article about my career on Saturday Night Live and work as a conservative activist ("Tea Party Princess," Gus Garcia-Roberts, January 26) would be negative, knowing the liberal media and its predictable slant. I asked Gus upon our first meeting, "Are you a capitalist or a socialist?" knowing the answer. However, I was still surprised to read an outright blatant lie and several other omissions and half truths.

Why did I do the interview knowing the liberal media would lie, exaggerate, and denigrate? I think all press is good press because it makes people think. I hope that my fading SNL fame will shine a sliver of light on the conservative cause and that maybe one person out there will do a double take and wonder if they've been brainwashed by the left, and maybe read a book and have an original thought and see that truth is the best way to go. Truth always wins in the end.


Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson

(Editor's note: Jackson's rebuttal has been shortened for print; you can read her full response online here. Jackson complains of numerous errors in the story, yet our reporting is based on firsthand interviews and court records. The story does mistakenly identify the celebrity Jackson imitated on Johnny Carson's show as Diana Ross. She imitated Tina Turner. We regret that error. Otherwise, we stand by the story.)

Bad metaphor: Jackson compares being gay to being alcoholic and jokes that we "don't hold parades for alcoholics." No, alcoholics don't have drunk pride parades. They have bars. And football and NASCAR events where alcohol is part of the experience. And Wall Street doesn't have greed pride parades — they just totally deny there's anything wrong with what they're doing.


Her father's daughter: Wow, Jackson's dad is a real piece of work, isn't he? I think she's a loon, but I can kind of understand why, growing up under the influence of such a hypercritical ass.


Pity her: Poor, dear Victoria. She doesn't have a clue. I think she is desperate for attention and is being used by the right wing, but she doesn't know it. She had a career, she crazied it away, and now she has nothing left but crazy.


She's a troll: In the piece, you write that Jackson didn't know anything about politics and rarely voted. Then she admits, "I liked the idea of getting $100,000 a week for having five lines that someone else wrote, and I could do airhead better than anyone. That's my specialty! It would be effortless." That just proves she's been trolling for attention this whole time. I've wasted five minutes of my life reading this crap. Victoria Jackson is not interesting and is officially a moron.


Pit Bull Reprieve

Ban them: Florida legislators are considering overturning Miami's ban on pit bulls ("Pit Bull Paradise," Tim Elfrink, January 26), but I've had to tear a pit off my Labrador puppy. I told the pit bull's owner that from that day forward, I would be packing a gun and if I saw the dog near me, my dog, or any other living animal that was in danger, the dog would die. I hate these dogs. I saw how my dog needed 110 stitches in his face. Pit bulls should all be forced to wear a muzzle.


Don't stereotype dogs: So by the logic of the pit bull ban, if you are black, we should just assume you are a criminal and put you in jail. If you are Mexican, we should assume you like to work long hours in the heat, so we should put you in a field. If you are white, we should assume you are racist and put you to death. If you are a pregnant teen, we should just assume you are a whore and shun you from society.

Obviously, none of these allegations are fair, nor are they just. Yet that's exactly what so-called intelligent humans do every day to dogs and other animals. Wake up, people — it's not a dog's fault that it was born a pit bull. You need to look at the owners. I've been bitten by more poodles and small dogs than I have by any pit bull. Yet they are the first to be judged and put to sleep.

Robbie A. Moore

A racist law: This ban on pit bulls is not only racist but also ignorant. How can you ban a whole breed of dog? Any dog can be trained to be vicious: German shepherds, Rottweilers, chow chows, you name it. Yet none of those breeds was ever banned. Last year, a child was bitten by a German shepherd in Homestead, but those dogs are not banned in Miami-Dade. The ones who should be banned are the owners who mistreat, abuse, and use animals for the wrong reasons.



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