Reader Mail: Tea Party Leader Is a Fraud and a Kook

Playing Chicken

It's just chicken: Who cares whether Chick-fil-A owner Dan Cathy supports anti-gay marriage groups ("Don't Chicken Out," Luther Campbell, February 28)? Chick-fil-A has good chicken. If you are gay and you don't like their opinion so much, don't eat there. Chick-fil-A doesn't care if you eat there or not. It is a multibillion-dollar corporation. spb1124

Not qualified: Uncle Luke, you can't write. How on earth do you think you can mediate between Chick-fil-A and gay groups? kirkslade

Pole Dance Prosecutor

D-bag alert: Ari Pregen, the Miami-Dade prosecutor fired for flashing his badge for special treatment at a downtown strip club ("Legally Dumb," Francisco Alvarado, February 28), is a total douchebag. He acted like a dick when he came to the club while I was working and actually told me he was a cop. When I asked to see his ID and not the prosecutor's badge he kept flashing, we figured out he wasn't a cop and was in fact an assistant district attorney. dave4121

Brainless behavior: What kind of a loser endangers his job for a lap dance? Donnie Leandro

Cash-strapped: The most surprising part of this story is that Pregen was making only $40,000 a year as a prosecutor. Damn, he could make more money as a butcher. AreaMan

Tea Party Extremist

Total fraud: Carnival barker would be the most appropriate title for would-be Tea Party leader Everett Wilkinson ("Tea Party Top Man," Terrence McCoy, February 28). He is a Tea Party of one, with a large mailing list that he exhausts through endless fundraising appeals. As for the extreme nature of his emails, the extreme element is all that remains of the Tea Party and these wingnut issues prompt a better response for his fundraising appeals, which is what Wilkinson is really all about. To call this guy a fraud is an insult to the fraudulent. TPMan

Terrible teabaggers: Wilkinson is the poster boy for all the teabaggers. You want to find someone to blame for the problems in this country, look no further than the party of Lipton. Thanks to them, we cannot get anything done in this country. They even tried to stop hurricane relief funds. They are all equally bad and lousy with conspiracy theories. It's time to get rid of the lot of them. smdrpepper

Wilkinson has no power: Once again, it seems like a lot of people are spending a lot of time talking about, writing about, and disparaging a person who has no influence, clout, or relevance, according to these articles. jd1510123

Gun-Buying Bonanza

Gun control is not the answer: Your piece about the business of buying and selling high-powered rifles in Florida ("Up in Arms," Francisco Alvarado, February 21) was not a bad article, although in my humble opinion, it was slanted toward the anti-gun mania sweeping the nation. That's in spite of the fact that most guns used in crimes are acquired illegally, despite all the gun laws already in place. In your story, even the gun-violence victim's mother says she doubts new gun laws will prevent criminals from getting even high-power semiautomatic weapons like the one used in the slaying of her son. So why back new laws when the ones we have aren't being enforced strenuously and when it is obvious it won't have the intended effect? Why not enforce the laws we have and get tough on straw buyers and sellers? Why not follow up on the many denied instant checks that no one ever follows up on? Not to state the obvious, but how about keeping violent felons in prison, where they belong? Certainly there is no sense in disarming law-abiding citizens whose only hope for defending themselves is to stay armed and learn to use their weapons well. Gun control is a purely political agenda intended to make a misinformed public think politicians give a damn when in fact they don't, or they would deal with the real issues that cause the violence they say they want to end. Otherwise, how do you explain the fact that while gun ownership has climbed in unprecedented numbers in the past few years, the violent-crime rate has declined just as dramatically? Don't believe the hype. Cunhajo


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