Reader Mail: Stitches' 15 Minutes Are Up

Will the Real Stitches Please Stand Up?

Kendall isn't tough: Just as I assumed, your story on the questions about "coke-dealing" gangster rapper Stitches ("Unmasking Stitches," Francisco Alvarado and Allie Conti, August 21) shows he had a rough upbringing in the ghettos of Kendall Lakes or wherever the hell he was raised. Who cares about this guy? Mick Espinel

The Bawse already did it: Spelled out like this, Stitches story looks really stupid. Didn't Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, and others do this already? There's nothing new here. It's Miami, where fake people go to be themselves. Brian Bartlett


Reader Mail: Stitches' 15 Minutes Are Up

Poserville, USA: I am not surprised at the popularity of this video and the performer, because Miami has always been a poser's city. This clown is a poser. The gold teeth and face tattoo are always nice augmentations to life success. MyYami

Deep thoughts: So if "snitches get stitches" and Stitches has stitches on his face, does that make Stitches a snitch? Ken Mortimer

Haters gonna hate: People pretend to hate him, but deep inside they envy him! How can you pretend to hate him yet have the time to sit here and read a five-page article about him? You are all envious and jealous. If they ain't hating, you're doing something wrong! Richard Smith

Not worth the ink: If only you would take the time and energy that you put into this article and put it into a story that we could learn or benefit from, then you could potentially be good at your job one day. I realize this man is relevant for these 15 minutes, but you know that deep down, nobody actually cares about Stitches. You could do much better! I see potential in this writing; just harness it and put it to good use. truthbitch

He loves Whole Foods: I had no idea who he was, but I see this guy every week of my life at Publix and Whole Foods in South Beach. Which is weird because I would think all the cocaine would zap his appetite. Dirk DeSouza

Steroid Sham

No drug tests in high schools: You're exactly right that the random performance-­enhancing drug-testing program announced by Superintendent Alberto Carvalho does nothing except get Carvalho more microphone and camera time ("Chemical High," Tim Elfrink, August 21). This program is as much of a cheat to taxpayers as the athletes who use these drugs are to their respective sports. Random testing, especially for these types of illicit drugs, is costly to conduct and a very slippery slope. Major organizations like the National Football League have struggled with testing for PEDs. What would lead a reasonable person to think the school system could handle this fool's errand? Miami Dade County Public Schools should stick to academic testing rather than piss away funding for PEDs. There is no place in society for a school board to be involved in random PED testing. What's next? Is the school board going to do a government overreach, much like Congress has done, and subpoena student athletes and coaches, asking them questions and having them testify before the school board about PEDs? This is slapdash and as inflated an idea for political attention as the biceps you get from using the PEDs. The new random testing program, like the drugs it will claim to detect, is a cheat. cargon786

Use common sense: It's really not that hard to tell who's using steroids. "Wow, this 16-year-old can bench-press 500 pounds and is destroying his peers. Maybe we should test him for steroids." You don't need all that money for a urinalysis of suspected steroid users. Albaladejo

Commence the coverup: What are schools doing to check on this? Or do they want to keep it under wraps? Lissette Puerto

Great White Hope

Prize, please: If there really are structural deficiencies in the new Miami Science Museum's plans for a gigantic shark tank ("Jumping the Shark," Michael E. Miller, August 21), is there a prize for spotting the first crack under the aquarium? Maybe a token science museum umbrella? gumsandals

Could be world-class: I will have to come and see this aquarium when it opens. I think it will be worthwhile. Will it be up there with the Baltimore Aquarium, New England Aquarium, the one in Monterey Bay in California, or the New Orleans facility? Hard to say until it's built. Stephen Cohen

Don't forget the stoners: I think what we really want to know is if there will still be monthly laser light shows for the stoners. And if so, will the show improve upon the late-'70s technology currently used? Alex Hernandez


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