Reader Mail: South Beach Towing Companies Are the Worst

Tow Nightmare

Calling the feds: Why aren't the feds looking into your investigation of South Beach towing companies and the politicians who help them ("Hustle & Tow," Francisco Alvarado, August 8)? There's gotta be something fishy going on in city hall, which is one of the reasons I and my tax dollars left the Beach. Gmfort13

Stay out of SoBe: This story is crazy! You gotta love a city that puts up No Parking signs with no warning and then tows the cars that were legally parked there at the time. Then they send in these horrible companies to do the towing. I hardly ever go to South Beach because of these types of situations. The businesses in this city that work to attract people should be up in arms. Sam Smith

Scammed: I was towed on South Beach and began calling the tow companies to find out where my car was. I called Tremont, and they claimed my car wasn't there. So I believed my car to be stolen, and I spent the next day calling the cops, filing a report, calling my insurance company, and renting a car. Then, the next day, the cops showed up at my apartment. My car was found in Tremont's lot, and because it had been sitting there for two days, I had to pay an outrageous overnight fee plus towing fees and more. I called and complained, but I got the runaround about a different night manager and claiming it "must've been an oversight." In the end, I had to pay around $600. They are such a scam. Mario Francisco Garcia

Car theft all around: Tremont towed my boyfriend's car from his apartment parking lot (despite having a parking sticker clearly visible) on Easter Sunday. After having to cab it to Mass with his mom, we went to pick up the car. They argued that there was no pass on it, and it wasn't until I insisted they walk back and look that they realized they had in fact towed a perfectly legal car (which means they stole it, in my opinion). Though they gave the car back with no fees, they also didn't make us fill out any paperwork. That makes me wonder how often this happens. I called the Miami Beach Parking Department to file a complaint and was told there was nothing the city could do because the company didn't do anything wrong. Apparently they are allowed to steal cars now too. MaineCane

Another racket: I parked in a lot off Alton Road and Tenth Street next to Starbucks and across from Whole Foods, paid the fee at a meter, and went on my way to a restaurant nearby. Apparently, though, a very small sign stated that after midnight, that lot closed and your car would be towed. So, of course, when I arrived back at 12:20, my car was gone. Here I thought I was being sage by parking in a lot where you pay, but for some reason they close it at midnight for no reason whatsoever. My car had been in that lot for less than an hour, and I still had to pay $240, all in cash. Well, I have learned my lesson and will never park anywhere in SoBe without reading all signs. And because my friend did not pay the $5 fee, she also got ticketed. It's a total racket! no1lady

PAMM's Progress

Good building, no art: You may have found that the new Pérez Art Museum Miami is making progress ("PAMM-Tastic," Michael E. Miller, August 8), but it's a "world-class" museum with more building than art and hardly any art that's up-to-snuff. PAMM's permanent collection is rounded out by Jorge Pérez's "generous" donations, but it's a shame this building project went ahead before the museum collected any real art. No wonder all of Miami's serious collectors hate this place so much. ersatz

Cycling Chaos

Don't worry, be happy: After reading about all the vitriol and anger surrounding the Critical Mass bike ride ("Collision Course, Michael E. Miller, August 1), it's hard for me to believe I moved to Florida thinking people here are more conscious and civilized than the people in the place I came from. I have a car, I had two motorcycles, and now I ride a bike to keep my self healthy and enjoy the ride with my family. I have always respected the transit rules and laws. I understand the frustration of everyone who gets stuck in a traffic jam because of Critical Mass, but to go from there to saying you are going to run over a person is crazy. That says a lot about the values and humanity of the people commenting on this story. This should not be a war between one side or the other. Critical Mass should be more organized and get the help of the police for their events so they can plan the routes and make the event a happy experience for both sides. Instead of criticizing them, why don't we look for options to make the ride better? All of you should sit down and really look inside yourselves, because the world is as crazy and awful as it is because of the lack of love and understanding. Avcaro9573

Middle finger to drivers: If drivers were as much scofflaws as cyclists are, either during Critical Mass or not, there would be 70 dead bikers a week. The cyclists' attitude is not one of sharing the road pragmatically but rather one of owning the road with a big middle finger extended during Critical Mass. Alexander Fernandez


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