Reader Mail: Sorry, Obama, Cubans Aren't Liberals

Miami Icons

Graffiti greatness: I'm thrilled you featured street artist Ruben Ubiera in your "Miami People" issue ("King of the Walls," Ciara LaVelle, November 22). He contributes to the true beauty of South Florida. spritenv

Undeserved praise: So now Miami New Times is running silly little puff pieces on Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz ("Liberal Warrior," Michael E. Miller, November 22)? It's good for a laugh, I suppose. If Wasserman Schultz is in fact the "face" of the Democratic Party, as you write, that is very sad news for our country going forward. She exemplifies everything that is wrong with politics in our country today. She is an ultra-partisan, divisive political hack who has been called out on so many lies this year alone it has been astonishing. Her response to getting caught in those lies is simple: double down and lie some more. Her lack of knowledge on most issues, apart from parroting talking points provided to her, is astounding. Outside of her very safe, very liberal district, she is looked at with intense disdain and revulsion. Her political future in elective politics is nil. Many leaders in her own party, as well as many in the liberal press, cannot stomach this woman. At a time when a very divided country needs to be brought together, Debbie is out there keeping up the divide-and-conquer mantra. cobaltnathan

The Rise of Cuban Liberals

Don't believe Cuban radio: Uncle Luke is right that the days of right-wing Cuban-Americans calling the shots in Florida are over ("Cubans Go Liberal," Luther Campbell, November 15). The "Old Cuban Guard" is fading and dying, and the new generation of Cubans born here and those who have more recently arrived are more progressive and liberal. The fact is that Cuban talk shows on Radio Mambí and La Poderosa don't want to accept the truth, just as Fox News was living in its own bubble this election. Those two local radio stations are keeping their listeners in a fantasyland and in constant denial. I don't see any difference between the misinformation and false socialist propaganda that Granma publishes in Cuba and the right-wing nut opinions expressed by local Cuban radio stations. Both are fanatical, filled with false information and innuendo, and have no journalistic credibility whatsoever. jetflyer57

The 47 percent love Obama: I'm a young Cuban entrepreneur who came to the U.S. with nothing, and I have received the greatest opportunities by working hard and paying taxes and my mortgages. Of course South Florida embraces Obama. Most people here are part of the 47 percent that Romney correctly pointed out lives on handouts — people who made contracts to pay a mortgage knowing exactly what it was and then stopped paying it later. They receive unemployment compensation but work full-time side jobs for cash while still getting food stamps and Medicaid. Those are the reasons Obama stayed in power. He is supported by the lazy majority who are part of a new breed of people in Florida with a sense of entitlement and who don't want to work to obtain benefits. Obama literally told these people not to pay for their houses and to receive unemployment benefits forever. Who does not like to live for free? Way to go, Obama! Keep using our money from taxes to support failed alternative energy companies and support an extremely in-debt country without cash flow. lithiumresearch

A message to the GOP: Republicans are all hypocrites, and I am glad we the people have finally shown them that we have had enough. The overwhelming, growing income gap between the rich and the rest of the people needs to be fixed, and if taking from government will force equality from the rich, then more power to us. One thing is for sure, fascism will no longer be tolerated by Americans, and our voices have and will continue to be heard. gt45turbo

Candid Camera

Beware the cell phone: Your piece with the backstory about Mitt Romney's "47 percent" comment being secretly recorded in a Florida home ("The 47 Percent Solution," Terrence McCoy, November 15) shows how social media has changed what candidates can get away with. If we had video cameras that would record quality videos in our phones back when Romney was running for governor in Massachusetts just eight years ago, there would have been so many moments we'd have been able to use against him. voicesofthe51percent


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