Reader Mail: Sex Offenders Deserve to Live in a Parking Lot

Hanging by a Thread

Not a shaman: There are many things I'd like to clear up about your story on the suspension scene ("Suspended Reality," Allie Conti, March 13). First and foremost, I am not a "shaman" as you describe me, nor do I claim to be one. I studied under my teacher for about ten years and learned a tremendous amount. It is definitely a huge part of who I am, but that does not make me a shaman. There are also many things I would like to set straight about Mikey and other people in the article, but I will refrain at the moment because there is too much to address. The people in this article are all amazing human beings who are projected to you through a narrow perspective. Eric Madrid

Sex Offender Madness

Criminal regimes: The latest news about the disastrous effects of Miami's restrictive sex offender laws ("Swept Away," Terrence McCoy, March 13) show that Florida's government is nothing but a criminal regime that deserves all the disrespect it gets. If it cared about preventing sex crimes, it would eliminate its "sex offender" harassment laws completely. But it doesn't. What it cares about is making stupid, lazy, hateful people feel better. Oh well, too bad for Florida; I'm sure they are paying for it. RodTemple


Reader Mail: Sex Offenders Deserve to Live in a Parking Lot

Counterproductive laws: Honestly, the laws in Miami make it harder for police to track offenders. I don't like the idea of living next to one as much as the next guy, but it's better to have them confined where the state knows where they are at instead of on the loose with nothing to lose. I also had a friend who became a sex offender by pissing on a tree at night. Albert Fernandez

Put those dogs down: I have a solution: Treat sex offenders the way we treat dogs that bite. The wounds from sex offenders run deeper than a dog bite in their victims. I have no sympathy for them. Michelle Schminky-Ramirez

Keep them homeless: It sounds like the laws are working just fine to me. The fact that these men are forced to live in tents in a parking lot should serve as a solid deterrent to people considering the committing of sex crimes. whateveryousay

Deadly Taser

Have some empathy: I hope everyone defending the cops who killed Israel Hernandez with a Taser for tagging a building ("Tasered to Death," Michael E. Miller, March 13) never make a mistake or have children who make a mistake. And I hope that if your child is murdered, you don't stumble upon the comments insensitive assholes leave on social media about how your child deserved to die for running away from police or for painting a wall. Jorge Mederos

Don't run from cops: I thought he died for running from the cops. You know? Like how you're not supposed to do when you are innocent. I'm not happy a young life was lost, but stop turning this kid into some kind of martyr for police brutality when he got himself into that predicament that caused his death. Andrew J. Herrero

Just graffiti: I hope those cops are able to live with themselves. This entire story is shameful. He was a kid painting some graffiti. It was nothing that couldn't be fixed with a coat of paint. That crime is not worth a human life. They should have just let the kid run away. Clemente Morales

Super Superintendent

Don't buy the hype: Whatever Uncle Luke might think about Superintendent Alberto Carvalho ("Carvalho Cares," Luther Campbell, March 13), the fact is he cares only for himself and his political agenda. He preaches how he or another Hispanic will be the next president. miami321973

Spy vs. Spy

Keep on spying: After all the deaths radical Muslims have caused due to "jihad" around the world, it's only natural and logical to have an eye on the followers of that religion ("State of Surveillance," Kyle Swenson, March 13), even if they're just students at FIU. Due to their religious beliefs, people die every day in the Middle East. And yes, people will say all religions have radicals and extremists, but the percentage of those killers and terrorists compared to all of the other religions doesn't even come close. These are facts no one can deny. I'm glad FIU and other institutions are taken precautions and thinking of the well-being of its students. It's always better to be prepared for the worst scenarios. magus8990

Freedom of faith: Anyone should be able to pray without being spied on. It's their right to practice their faith. Anyway, I hope that whoever was spying on them learns that these students are just like other students: They are working hard, want to be successful at university, and additionally, prefer to get a boost of spirituality in their daily routine by coming to the prayer room and praying. My university also has a prayer space. It's a beautiful blessing, but to have spying devices in there would be disgusting. nawazfat


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