Reader Mail: Reefa's Death Shows Police Should Ban Tasers

Internet Fame Gone Wrong

Only in Florida: Your profile of Loli-chan, the girl who became famous to internet pedophiles and now has trouble living as an adult ("Lonely Lolita," Allie Conti, October 10) shows there are some sick and very awkward people in this world. I thought I had seen everything in the military. I was wrong. As they say, these kinds of people exist only in Florida. Robert N. Nielsen

Redemption: The Loli-chan piece was really interesting, very well written, and captivating. Good job, New Times. This one makes up for a lot of the crap you guys write and post online. Curtis Beardsley


Reader Mail: Reefa's Death Shows Police Should Ban Tasers

Hardemon for Commission

Spence-Jones' puppet: Uncle Luke may have endorsed Keon Hardemon for District 5's commission seat ("Vote for Hardemon," Luther Campbell, October 10), but what he really means is that he wants Michelle Spence-Jones to continue running the district using Keon as her stand-in. How convenient. Michelle becomes the bagman — oops, baglady — for Keon, just like Billy Hardemon, Keon's uncle, has been for Michelle all these years. God knows she has experience at it. What a perfect setup: Get Keon elected so they can finish fleecing whatever little Michelle hasn't taken from the community. Luke, you are brilliant. And the icing on the cake is there might be a job for you at city hall. With all the ragging you're doing against Hardemon's opponent Rev. Richard Dunn, there has to be something in it for you. The word on the street is you're desperately looking for employment, and what better place to be working than with your blood brother and sister Keon and Michelle? I hope you don't go calling on Dunn for help later if this gambit doesn't work out for you. poorricharded

Bought and paid for: Unfortunately, Hardemon is already bought and sold by the developers. Just like Michelle Spence-Jones, he'll throw a few dollars toward some issues in Liberty City, get up on the dais and sing high praises to himself and God, and meanwhile they will be in the backroom giving those connected millions of dollars. Look at who is contributing to his campaign. It's the same old story and the same old song and dance. WhyNotNow

Taser Tragedy

Disgraceful cops: It's truly a disgrace to know my tax dollars are going to scum like the police officers who killed 18-year-old graffiti artist Israel "Reefa" Hernandez when they used a Taser on him ("Reefa Madness," Michael E. Miller, October 10). They claim they are "protecting" our community, but from what? Graffiti artists? It's outrageous and intolerable. If you morons want something to brag about, take down a drug dealer, a murderer, or a rapist, not a teenage kid with a spray-paint can. Zeinab K. Chatila

No transparency: Reefa's death was a tragedy, but not a use of excessive force. The kid ran from police, and it is safer for police to Taser someone rather than tackle them and jump on top of them. More people die from having all those pounds of pressure put on top of them than they do from 10,000 volts. That said, if Reefa did have cocaine in his system as some have suggested, it proves he was a felon and not just someone who commits misdemeanors, which is still wrong. The disturbing part to me is the Miami Beach Police Department's lack of transparency. How many people have they killed in recent years and then covered up or not released the information? That Memorial Day shootout is the first thing that comes to my mind. Miami Beach has serious problems with its government, and changes need to be made. There are elections right around the corner, and your votes actually mean something. Get out and vote, people! Out with the old and in with the new. If you remove the current government, there is a better chance these thugs will stop getting away with murder. Johnathan Robert Broad

Taser abuse: The Taser companies specifically warn not to shoot anyone in the chest because it can be lethal. What did the police do? They Tasered him in the chest. On those grounds alone, they should be held culpable. Had they used their weapon properly, the kid would probably still be breathing. Mercy Mercy-Me

Ban Tasers: Given that so many people have died from Tasers, there should be a push to ban them. They're less lethal than guns, yes, but if someone has a heart condition, it's lethal anytime you add electricity to their body. And history shows that Tasers are often lethal and excessive. Fulano De Tal

Have some compassion: Regardless of what you think about the police, the government, the kid, or his alleged "crimes," the point of the matter is that a young person has died. Please be sensitive to that fact before dishing out your daily internet serving of uncensored opinion. Sabel Santa


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