Reader Mail: Publix Isn't Anti-Gay

Bully BS

Not funny: I can't figure out who the writer of your year-in-review piece ("The Year of the Bully," Michael E. Miller, December 26) is trying harder to be: Dave Barry or Hunter S. Thompson. This is worse than the crap we used to crank out at my college paper after deadline and too many whiskey shots. At least we knew we were posers and fed all that tripe to the bats rather than publish it. Mad Samoan

Satire unappreciated: What kind of garbage are you writing here? Are you trying to fulfill some fantasy you have about standing up to your own bullies? This is pretty obvious satire, but in the modern world of instant accreditation, people will read this slander and take it as truth. I wouldn't be surprised if you end up getting sued. If I were you, I'd take it down before the lawyers spot an easy case. I mean, this is a pretty long back-and-forth you have concocted in your little brain between New Times and Richie Incognito. And it doesn't lack any of the over-the-top stereotypes that have always been slapped on athletes. I know that you most assuredly have never played sports, based on your bias. Stop hating what you could never be, accept yourself for who you are, and live and let live.


Reader Mail: Publix Isn't Anti-Gay

It's like Ricky Williams explained: Incognito's "victim" Jonathan Martin obviously did not know what he was getting himself into in the NFL. He is a child of privilege who has never had to endure adversity, and at the first sign of it, he ran home to his parents like a child. No matter what the business or industry, if an employee walks off the work site without explanation and then goes about publicly trashing his organization to the press, he should and would be fired, and most assuredly not brought back into the workflow. You cannot trust someone who goes to the press before going to management in any business in America — it is highly unprofessional. And to put to bed the claims of absurdity that Jonathan Martin should have handled this on his own, I am in no way, shape, or form claiming Jonathan Martin should have gotten physical at all; he is an intelligent man, they say, and he should have known he would have lost any physical confrontation. But a truly intelligent man (not a boy) could have used his intellect to mentally dress down the bully. He shouldn't need his fist; he should need only his mouth. By all accounts, he never said anything to anyone. Men inherently do not ask about other men's feelings. If Jonathan had a problem, he should have said, "Hey, Richie, I don't appreciate all of these things, and if you continue, I will have to report it to management." That is how a man solves his problems. A boy runs home to Mommy and Daddy to solve his problems for him. nick7588

Publix Shame

Where's the discrimination?: You say Publix discriminates against LGBT employees ("Where Being Gay Is No Pleasure," Michael E. Miller, December 26), but at all the Publix stores I've ever been to, everyone wears a Publix shirt, has an apron, and does whatever specialty they were hired for. I'm not certain where anyone's lifestyle ever comes up as discussion. Is Publix supposed to go beyond the law and show favoritism toward any group? Does Florida recognize same-sex marriages? No, and until it does, Publix operates in a law-abiding manner, and I'm certain the company will comply with the laws. Is the participation in a survey mandatory or required by law? If not, it isn't in anyone's job description to sit down and answer survey questions. Citing payouts, it was probably cheaper to settle than to drag it through the courts in a legal battle. A settlement is exactly that, not an admission of wrongdoing. jgcamp99

No evidence: This "study" contains not a single piece of testimony from a Publix employee, gay or not. There is not a scintilla of reliable data on the topic. Instead, the complaint is based on lack of data, because Publix does not participate in the survey of these people's choice. This story is BS. Exiliado

Get over yourself: Publix is the only grocer in town that was closed Thanksgiving and Christmas. Publix is the only company I have seen so far to say "Merry Christmas" at the end of their commercial instead of the politically correct "Happy Holidays" and own it. Publix gets my money all day every day. I don't believe these accusations. We live in a crappy world where no one can have an opinion without fear of hurting someone else's feelings. Get over it. Cary Jorge

Work with them: Publix is a great company to work for. It offers bonuses and raises every six months, gives employees stock options, and works with the elderly and disabled. The road to management is reachable and pays well, and there are health insurance options. Instead of the LGBT community shaming Publix, they should try to partner with the company. If the state in which Publix does business doesn't have legal gay marriage, why would offering those insurance options be an issue? Publix is a smart company — I'm sure when the law changes, so will the supermarket's coverage plans. Kristina Villaverde


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