Reader mail: Perhaps this Tea Party has more kooks than usual

Loaded Down

Cheap thrills: Your cover story about lawyers who sue people who illegally download movies notes that "the film industry loses $6.1 billion annually to digital piracy" ("Invasion of Piracy," Keegan Hamilton, August 11). That's bullshit. What they do not take into account at any of these studies is the slow economy, which means people are spending less on entertainment. I've become very picky about the movies I watch in the theater.


Can't wait: It's not that people aren't willing to pay for content; it's that they want it now. While I can understand that going to a movie theater isn't exactly a cheap or pleasant experience anymore, why not just wait for it to come out on DVD and watch it legally? We used to have to wait years before a movie appeared on television, and now people can't even wait a few months? People have no patience anymore.


Quality counts: Companies are never going to be able to compete when their product is inferior to the bootleg in both quality and availability. If they'd give up this silly digital rights management BS, they'd be a lot better off. At least then they could compete.


Security breach: The John Doe who's being sued in your story got a job in the network security division of a software company but didn't have the common sense to set up a password on his Wi-Fi? No wonder he's worried about losing his job.


Silence Is Golden

Money talks: Do you really think the Drug Enforcement Administration hasn't known about the Los Miami cocaine ring for years ("Los Miami Vice," Michael E. Miller, August 11)? Spanish police aren't the only crooked cops. There are many more here in the States. When there are millions of dollars involved, even politicians look the other way.


Lost in Space

Nut job: In your Riptide section, you take the South Florida Tea Party to task for its efforts to limit government in space ("Space Patriots," Gus Garcia-Roberts, August 11). I am not familiar with this Tea Party in particular, but I do know that almost any organization with more than a few members will almost inevitably have a few kooks and others of questionable abilities. Perhaps this one has many more than the usual share.

Charles R. Jones

No Fumble

Getting close: Go get some knowledge before you bash this Dolphins team ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, August 11). Just because we weren't flashy in the free agency doesn't mean we will "suck." It means we were only a few moves away. We are solid at every aspect except quarterback, and in this case they're just giving Chad Henne a bigger chance.


Clean house: I commend you on a well-written article that actually conveys what most of South Florida Dolphins fans are asking for. In my opinion, the Dolphins will suck this year because they want to get the number one quarterback in next year's draft. Then they will load up and obviously get rid of general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Tony Sparano, and bring in a bona fide coach and a great GM.


Know-nothing: If you like New York so much, why don't you write for that city's or Boston's newspapers. I bet most Dolphins fans think you're an idiot, and you don't even know the numbers to back up your statements. Maybe you should stick with rapping.


Plaxidaisical: Come on. Where's the credibility? In what universe will receiver Plaxico Burress, whom the Dolphins "passed on," be torching anyone other than the cat who signs his check? How many Pro Bowls has he made in his career? When was the last time he played football? Was he a player on the rise or on the decline at that time? Was he a locker-room problem? Was he suspended for multiple games? What suggests he is suddenly after two years out of the saddle and at age 34 going to be "torching" anyone?


No Madden: Sure, Jeff Ireland has made some PR mistakes, but that's about the only relevant thing I read in here. I would have liked to have seen Miami give some extra attention to Vince Young, but Matt Moore has shown flashes and isn't a head case. You do realize that trading for Kyle Orton in today's NFL is a little more difficult than trading him in Madden, right?


Mad at Chad: You are a freaking idiot if you think Chad Henne is the problem. Most of his incompletions came from dropped balls on the numbers. You should stop talking football and start talking lingerie league.



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