Reader Mail: Nothing Wrong With Sharks in a Jar

MMA Murder Mystery

Kudos to you: The story about Adelia Rivera unraveling the teenage love triangle that ended with the murder of her brother, Michael "Savage" Rivera ("Savage Love," Kyle Swenson, June 26), is a great article and a fine piece of journalism. RIP, Michael. PinkDucky

Blown away: This is hands down the best article I've ever read in New Times. Damn. Carlos A. Salazar


Reader Mail: Nothing Wrong With Sharks in a Jar

The real story?: Love has nothing to do with this story. Drugs are what this is all about — and young kids abusing drugs that are simply stronger than they are. And when they do want to turn it around, they find they are unemployable and totally unprepared for responsibility, which of course simply primes them to sink deeper down the hole. FrankD4

Their Way or the Highway

The price of progress: It's sad that pioneering downtown artist George Sánchez-Calderón is losing his gallery space to make way for a new highway overpass ("Roadkill," Kirk Nielsen, June 26), but oh thank God they are going to expand and update I-395. There is simply no way we can have downtown grow without this work getting done. misterflorida2000

Follow the cash: This artist probably just wanted more money for his property. If it hadn't been for the laws of eminent domain, he would have gotten zero for this place. He should take the money and buy something near Little Havana, because Brickell is bound to expand that way eventually. That way, he can make another couple of million down the road. Eugenio A. Alonso

He's not the first: Let's not forget the families whose multigenerational homes were demolished to make way for the original highways through downtown Miami. That artist is a newcomer compared to residents who've grown up here in this part of Miami! And those highway projects are what originally destroyed the Overtown community decades ago, so this is history repeating itself. Naomi Lauren Ross

Saving Baby Jaws

Liberal nonsense: This move for tourist shops to stop selling baby sharks in jars as souvenirs ("Sharks in a Jar," Michael E. Miller, June 26) is just the latest strike by the liberals, who are always spreading their intolerance and cultural superiority while they talk about inclusiveness and cultural diversity. It's all BS. I'd much rather have right-wing religious guys imposing their values than liberals imposing theirs, because at least the right-wing religious types are upfront about it instead of hiding behind BS. Let the preteen and teen boys buy sharks in jars. They are educational. Thomas

Chill out, dudes: Any teacher can buy these same baby sharks from companies like Fisher Scientific. They are not illegal, and they are not decimating shark populations by offering them for sale in this shop. These sharks were legally and sustainably harvested by commercial fishermen. There are no protected species for sale here. You people need to chill out. Sharks don't get special treatment simply because you think they're cool. ghuyt12345

You know, for kids: OK, these are gross, but my kids love looking at them in the store, leaving me to always yell, "No, I'm not buying you one!" This is such a strange souvenir. Shawn Leidenfrost

Ask Sam Jackson: Sharks in a jar. Better than snakes on a plane! Brad Beaty

What about the gators?: As long as they're cleaning offensive products out of the tourist shops, they need to get rid of those alligator-head paperweights too. Brittney Patrice Williams

Internet Lies

Everyone is dumb: How can you advise people not to "feel too bad" if they fell for the hoax story about Roman ruins being found in downtown Miami ("The Fall of Rome," Sabrina Rodriguez, June 26)? Are you freaking kidding me? If you "fell for the hoax," you should feel like the biggest imbecile on the planet. Sure, there are Roman ruins in downtown Miami. In other breaking news, the Earth is only 6,000 years old and a 1,000-year-old man once built a wooden boat that housed two of every single animal. Paul

Google it, people: I will never understand why it is so hard for people to take two minutes to look up the legitimacy of a story before sharing it on Facebook. The internet is there for a reason! There are plenty of sites that have exposed this story as false. There are no excuses to keep sharing it at this point. Eddy Earthone Blak

Roman rebar: I tried to tell my Facebook friends, but people don't listen to other people! Besides, Roman columns did not have rebar running through them like the columns in that photo. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, or as some Miamians would write it, to "waist." Geoff Paugam


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