Reader mail: Not all black areas look like Overtown

State of the Union

Carry the weight: Despite your claims that the Texas economy may be fundamentally weaker than the nation's, the free market is alive and well in Texas ("Miracle Faker," Jim Schutze, October 6). And no state taxes either. Try that in Chicago, L.A., or NYC and you meet mountains of paperwork, bureaucrats, and union thugs. Is it perfect? Not if you are looking for freebies or handouts. This is a state where you come to work and be successful. But that is the only formula that will save America: hard work, not handouts.


Bush league: Dude, even though I think most Republicans are dense, I still think they won't shoot themselves in the foot and nominate Gov. Rick Perry. Republicans always have pretended they wanted somebody else before settling for the most "mainstream" (that's a nice way of saying "not batshit insane") candidate. Trust me — the way this guy fumbles on the debates, he makes Bush look good.

Fernie B

Blame Obama: Just curious — how do you explain nothing getting done when the Dems controlled Congress? And, as far as nothing getting to the president without going through Congress, that is not entirely true — executive order! The Messiah has done some shady deals on his own and behind many backs, like prior presidents.

Caeser Palache

Stacked Deck

Bad hand: It is unfortunate that in the fallout from the Nevin Shapiro escapade, there seems to be a concerted effort to villainize Adam Meyer ("Adam Loses," Tim Elfrink, October 6). Mr. Elfrink's piece has such a negative bias that it reads more as a personal vendetta than as a professionally prepared piece of journalism. While attempting to refrain from crossing the line into false accusations, Mr. Elfrink exploits and emphasizes every possible derisive angle — from Mr. Meyer's personal grooming to the value of his homes (noted twice for some odd reason). Even for the purpose of supporting a particular position, a seasoned, professional journalist would attempt to balance this bias by at the very least presenting an opposing view. Granted this is not the New York Times, but he has made not even the most minimal attempt to do this.


Bad Rap

Step up: I strongly agree with Uncle Luke that rap stars who live in Miami are not doing enough for the community ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, October 6). I have seen Luke countless times doing things Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, or Puff Daddy could do. Even if they made a small effort, it would be a lot. Even though they're busy, they can't be too busy to give something back. They should have a deadline — or a shakedown.

M. Mesa

Show the money: These famous people fly in from all over the world, making the business owners in Miami Beach rich as hell, and won't even step back across the bridge to spend a dime in the real Miami. Blacks in Miami are hurting — not only the poor, but those from all walks of life. Ask the county worker who spends 30 years working just to send his kids to college, but when they obtain their degree, they can't even get a good job here in the Magic City. Why do you think Atlanta is so packed with Miami folks? It's sure not the weather. If you're going to spend all that money on South Beach, at least blow some of it in the black community in various areas. And trust me — not all areas look like Overtown.

Reginald Tookes

Bully pulpit: Luke needs to relax a little. What about the actors who have moved here and the regular people who don't do crap for Miami? Stop picking on the rappers. They can do whatever they want. If you have a function, why don't you invite them? Be the leader, OK? Chill out.


Double standard: Are rappers really required to do those things? No. Ninety percent of people who live in Miami don't even do that stuff either, anyway. And most people who live in Miami moved here from somewhere else. Rappers are allowed to move too. Do all celebrities you like do that stuff? Probably not, so stop hating.


One of us: I agree with Luke 100 percent. When Luke was on top, he was everywhere — Overtown, Liberty City, Little Haiti. He was one of us. I like the Cash Money Crew a lot, but the only time I see them in the hood is on videos. The last time I checked, the people who buy the music are from the streets.



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