Reader Mail: No Pity for a Thief Getting Killed Over a WaveRunner

Killed Over a Jet Ski

Property over life: I'm writing to you in response to your article about Reynaldo Muñoz, who was shot and killed while stealing a WaveRunner ("Dead in the Water," Michael E. Miller, October 3) and who you claim was denied justice by a bad detective and the Stand Your Ground law. The tone in which this piece was written seemed very derogatory toward the Davis family, whose property Muñoz was stealing. This poor kid had no idea what was going on and thought they were being robbed for the second time in a short period of time. I would have done the same thing. If someone were trying to take something that belongs to me, I would stop them any way I could. I honestly think the Jet Ski is greater than that thief's life. caseykasem9999

Life over property: Who kills over a Jet Ski? It's called insurance. Life is more valuable than the material you own. If you can't bear the thought of losing something you bought, you'd better not buy it. Krystal45


Reader Mail: No Pity for a Thief Getting Killed Over a WaveRunner

Guns are good: This dude should have learned that in America, it's legal to own and use a gun. I think the shooter's mother should be in jail for making her son a murderer and fucking his head up for life by encouraging him to shoot the thief. But the douchebags who prey on others rather than living with others and making their own money deserve their fate. Even if you came straight from Cuba, you should understand that you come here for a change. Enjoy your good luck and do better, or go back where you came from. Joseph F. Carney III

Don't celebrate death: What sort of rampant greed causes a person to want to kill or to celebrate the killing of another person? The only thing we truly possess in this world is our lives — lives that are precious and sacred. Ending somebody else's life over superficial possessions is disgusting and sick. I think you'd have to be a psychopath to honor your property over the life of another. You people make me sick. Alan Perez

Take responsibility: This is what happens when you enter private property, with no care whatsoever for the homeowners, and rob them. Muñoz's father is crying that it was just a rich kid's toy that got his son killed. Give me a break. How about owning up to the responsibility of not teaching your child to respect others' things, whether they're toys or not? I am so sick of people blaming rich people for their crimes. They need to get over themselves, own up, stop blaming, stop the self-pity charade, get off their asses, and face their own actions and consequences. MiamiGirl123

Wealth comes from work: Yes, the Davises are wealthy, and wealth has its privileges. How do you think they got wealthy? How do you think they were able to buy their "rich boy toys"? Because this is America, and in America if you work hard enough, anything is possible. There are many formerly poor Cubans who have succeeded in spectacular fashion, and in fact, a car mechanic — a great one — stands to make a wonderful living. So I'm sorry, Mr. Muñoz, that you didn't teach your son better. The Davis boy will probably grow up to contribute to society. Your son was one of those who intended to leech off society. No one except you will mourn the loss of a criminal and thief. suehecksociety

Investigate the police: I really hate this whole "because the Davis family has money" routine going on here. All in all, it seems the worst criminal here was the Miami-Dade cop, for being an incompetent, negligent, and possibly idiotic detective and a disgrace as a police officer. That, not the thief who got shot for stealing, needs investigating. And I don't find the fact that Muñoz was deaf to be very relevant. This seems like a way to garner sympathy. Again, I'm sorry he was murdered in this situation. It is sad, yes, but he shouldn't be stealing. Why does that need to be spelled out? I do not support what happened. Taking a life is wrong. But does this at least put a dent in burglaries? Are thieves more cautious now? Because it just gets to a point that people forget that when you steal, you're putting your life on the line, plain and simple. Again, I don't support it, and as a gun owner, I would have never pulled the trigger. Maybe I would have shot in the air, but yeah, killing someone over a stupid Jet Ski is not worth it. That being said, it's also idiotically suicidal to jump onto someone's property in Florida and steal. People are armed, and very few things can be such a heat-up as seeing someone steal your property. "Rich kid's toy" or not, it's not yours, so don't take it. FWACATA

Correction: Our October 3 Arts & Eats Guide printed the incorrect web address for the MDC Live events The Manganiyar Seduction, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, and the Trey McIntyre Project. The correct URL is


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