Reader Mail: No Hall of Fame for A-Rod After New Times Investigation

PED Peddler

(Editor's note: New Times' investigation into Coral Gables clinic Biogenesis and its ties to supplying performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes , including Alex Rodriguez ["The Steroid Source," Tim Elfrink, January 31], garnered an extraordinary reaction. The story featured prominently on ESPN's SportsCenter, dominated sports talk stations, and was linked from the front page of the New York Times' website. Below are a few of the comments we received.)

Punish these guys: The players and the doctors who prescribed these drugs need to be stripped of wins, licenses, and any other accolades they have supposedly earned. They should not be lamented. These players feel so insecure about their own abilities that they take drugs. What message are they sending and what example are they setting for our children? csperry86


Letters to the Editor

A victimless crime: I don't understand why everyone is so upset about these situations, as if they got screwed out of a World Series ring or something. The bottom line is that performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) can't make you hit a 95 mph fastball, regardless of how long you take them. These athletes have skills that the average person will never possess, and if they want to take something to make them heal faster, what's it to you? All these people talking about PED use setting a bad example for the kids sound stupid because I guarantee if you ask kids if they know what steroids are or if they know how to get them, they don't. Most athletes don't use steroids until college or later, and by then they're adults and can make their own choices. So it's not really hurting anybody but the user and the feelings of these dorks who never made it big in sports. Swag Daddy

Big scoop: Great story and great followup. Way to get the scoop on every other newspaper and media outlet there is! Great work, guys. Nesmith777

Get draconian: It's obvious the punishment MLB players potentially face today isn't inhibiting them from juicing. It's time to scare the players into getting clean. Forget that weak three-strikes nonsense (bans of 50 games, 100 games, and then a lifetime ban). It's time to get tough. It's time to go with two strikes. First strike, you're gone for two years. Second strike, you're gone for good. Somebody please tell me that if the players faced this kind of punishment, they wouldn't clean up quicker than Ichiro can get down a first-base line. Come on, Commissioner Bud "Dud" Selig, grow a pair of balls and get tough on the dopers. The Refried Mexican

Players aren't role models: You know what? Who cares? Nurses and doctors in the medical field are the ones who should be tested for drugs. These are just athletes trying to gain an edge, not people trying to influence kids. They aren't hurting anyone but themselves. You want to teach children about these drugs? Start at home with parents. Athletes are here to entertain us, not to teach us right from wrong. RHReese

Go away, A-Rod: OK, so now have we seen enough of A-Rod? Or is it more like HGH-Rod? It's time to clean up this mess send a message to the kids coming up. Rodriguez should be tossed with the rest of the ones like Bonds and should never be allowed to get into the Hall of Fame. They gave up that right the minute they stuck the needle down deep or popped the pill. One extra hit or one more catch they got because of their drug use means they were cheating. If any of these guys gets into the Hall of Fame before Pete Rose, baseball is in a shambles. Rose cheated as a coach, not as a player, and it didn't even affect his team. Toss all these guys out. jsuperbowl6

Don't take away my HGH: So by bringing anti-aging clinics into this discussion, now those of us who would like to live longer and stay healthy will be denied our right to do so in order to keep professional athletes "clean"? If that is the case, damn the U.S. government to hell along with every professional athlete. wootendw

Think of the kids: Take 'em all down! These athletes have misled us once again. How can I trust these people to raise my kids and instill values? I blame the media too for taking the time to show highlights and post stats on how great these athletes are and then, even better, for saying they were bamboozled when they find out that the same athletes were enhancing their performances with drugs. It is time for all of us to band together and fight this injustice, for my kids' sake and yours as well. jgoertzen1


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