Reader mail: "Nepotism is how you get a job in Miami"

Tomás Recall

Failed legacy: Your cover story outlining Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado's dismal tenure in office is only the tip of the iceberg ("We Got the Wrong Guy," Tim Elfrink, July 28). Insiders know how bad things really are, and the bloggers are doing a pretty good job of uncovering all the dirt under Regalado's regime. Highly qualified staff members are jumping ship or being laid off. The city is scrambling to find good talent in many departments, and the cronies are destroying the little good that existed. All of this will have longtime repercussions in getting the city to bounce back.


Mice or men: Tomás Regalado has been a total failure as mayor. The city must reduce pay and benefits to its 4,200 employees. In fact, Regalado must get novice City Manager Johnny Martinez to fire more than 500 employees. Will Regalado and Martinez be men and fire 500 slackers? Or will they be cowards?


Family ties: Welcome to the banana republic. Nepotism is how you get a job in Miami. Just ask the city workers. Under Florida law, the legal definition of what constitutes a relative for the purposes of nepotism in public employment is clearly defined. In fact, the law provides a laundry list of familial labels that constitute nepotism.

Drake Mallard

Like a dream: Greed and corruption are an American pastime. The "me" culture is what helped construct the fable of an American dream.

Julian Muñoz

No Sly Fox

Trash talk: Luther Campbell shows total ignorance when he attacks Rupert Murdoch and Fox News ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, July 28). He thinks he is cute, clever, and speaking for many people. He is not. It is disgusting to advance opinions and conclusions taken from thin air. Cite one thing Murdoch has been guilty of (other than making big money, which feeds your jealousy unmercifully) and one instance where Fox News has done anything illegal or outside its rights to freedom of expression. You are hopelessly swallowed up in the popular bias against anything that is not liberal. Shame on you and your ignorance!


Don't judge: I was wondering what crime Murdoch has been convicted of. Remember innocent until proven guilty? Or does it apply only to leftists?

Billy Ray

Two wrongs: While I don't condone eavesdropping on private conversations, I also must ask if what the journalists at News of the World might have reported was based on the facts gleaned from the individuals. This certainly is better in my opinion than all the spin and lies that the left-wing propaganda and talking-point machines try to sell us on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis.


Old ways: Don't worry, Mr. Campbell — Mr. Murdoch has enough money and influence that he won't be going anywhere. Even with left-wing writers like you, American tabloids have been doling out cash to sources with scandalous stories about famous people since the turn of the 20th Century or even before. We all know that CNN doesn't have a political agenda — just pure, unbiased journalism.


Mum's the word: You communists are doing everything to shut down Fox News because it tells the truth about the administration. You lefties tried to use the fairness doctrine first, and now you are trying to do this. When the commies are done with Fox, they will go after you!


Owning facts: I take it Luther Campbell doesn't actually watch Fox News and has quite an imagination. There are very few examples of abuse of the facts from Fox News compared to its no-longer-respected news media competitors. As the late Sen. Pat Moynihan taught us, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no one is entitled to their own facts.

Norman Wand

Gangster Rap

No Godfather: Come on, New Times, Jason Eibinder is an Internet fraud involved in organized crime ("From Romania With LOLs," Gus Garcia-Roberts, July 28). But a gangster? Seriously. Let's reserve the title "gangster" for a person affiliated with violence.


Picture this: The photo of Jason Eibinder holding a fan of hundred-dollar bills was for his ex-friends who sucked the money out of him and used him. Even though he's going through bad times that will teach him much, he can still pull a joke and have a smile on his face. In fact, he didn't respond to your message because he was already incarcerated! Just get your facts right.



In the June 16 "Best of Miami" issue, the "Best Hairstylist" item used phrases from a Yelp review. The item has been rewritten online to remove the wording lifted from that review. We regret the error.


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