Reader Mail: Model's Bad Haircut Strikes a Nerve

Painting the Town

Picture perfect: The concept of creating Wynwood into a worldwide hotbed for talented street and graffiti artists was a great idea ("Paint the Walls," Benjy Caplan, February 6). I have enjoyed visiting the area and experiencing the local culture. However, since I moved to L.A. two years ago and then back to MIA this past month, I have noticed that a lot of toys with no piecing skills (only tagging and bombing skills) are starting to overrun the area and are causing blight in the surrounding communities. I know that "getting up" is about fame, but it's starting to get ridiculous, much like L.A. was in the '90s. I'll take the pieces any day over bubble letters and window scribers. They require skill, not bravado. Wynwood is an art mecca, not a fart mecca. Keep it that way! Bruce Blanco

Props: Miami has always had a lot of talented street artists, and finally they getting the recognition they deserve. jazeroks


Reader Mail: Model's Bad Haircut Strikes a Nerve

Don't forget Leon: Back in the day, there was at least one known artist, Leon Rosen, who created the Pace Collection of furniture (still sought-after) and who had a warehouse facility in Wynwood in the late '70s/early '80s, years before anyone else associated art with the entire area and during the riots and other real deficiencies on the streets... Today it's quickly become sterile and predictable, yes, but much safer (I would never promote keeping it real to include dangerous circumstances). frankd421

Web wonder: Great story. Incredible job with the website. Danny Hearn

Hacked Hoochie

Wrong number: Regarding the former Taz's Angels model whose iPhone was hacked and is suing to find the culprit ("Angels in Distress," Allie Conti, February 6): Not all press is good press... If Taz's angels isn't already being investigated, it will be soon... Betta do some damage control before this brings all u hookers down. Nomejodas Pleez

Foot fetish: Model? Lol. Her face looks like a foot. Goalie30

Devil's Haircut

Happy customer: Sorry, but this girl is an amazing stylist ("The Unkindest Cut," Michael E. Miller, February 6). Always happy with my precision cuts... get compliments wherever I go. The "model" who complained about her cut and the writer of this article need to get a life. This is not newsworthy. piggyop

Miami isn't on the same level: That Sassoon salon ignores what the client says regardless of whether you are paying or not. I sent a model in with an actual photo of a Sassoon cut and got something entirely different, nearly ruining my model's shoot the next day. I had to send her to another salon when they were too busy to fix their own mistake and to match my client's request. I paid twice and complained to the manager, who did nothing but make excuses for the stylist and agreed the result was not anything like the photo. They need new staff and a new manager. I shoot worldwide for clients who use Sassoon in London, L.A., Chicago, and five other locations around the world. They are topnotch, except in Miami — not on the same level. Too bad. Freida Dietrich

Don't blame the stylist: Color looks bad, and the lighter spots of color are giving it a balding appearance. I suggest you get yourself a good colorist, but then again, if you sat in my chair, I would turn you away in a heartbeat! Your issues are within yourself, Kerri, not a bad haircut. Perhaps you need therapy. Looks to me like you wanted to be bold but halfway through realized you changed your mind. You got the haircut you asked for, darling... I suggest, Kerri, that you change career paths and stop blaming this stylist for not being able to get you jobs as a model. The only person responsible for your success is you! Your "modeling" career isn't working for you when you can't even afford to pay for a haircut! Trying to ruin someone's reputation isn't gonna get you to the top. Karma is a bitch. Marina333

OK, OK, blame the stylist: I'm a guy, and I would never let someone cut my hair if I didn't know them or had not seen some of their cuts. Getting out of a cutter's chair looking like a fool isn't funny, and it takes months to grow out. A free fist in Kim's face was in order if she didn't listen to her client. ronnor246

In fact, insult her: Hey, Kim, herpes are free, but no one wants them. You messed up her hair; admit it instead of trying to say she is an unhappy person for not liking the haircut. If someone shaved my head, I'd be pissed too. Just because you liked it doesn't mean she has to. And yes, a bad haircut can definitely hurt a model's business if she isn't booked for jobs based on how she looks. You can't be that clueless. Bishop76us

Wait, it gets worse: Oh, man! That's the ugliest haircut I've ever seen! The stylist needs to get herself a new career. Bitch was in denial and f---ed up that girl's hair! Angie Mariel Vasquez

Even blunter: Awful haircut! You can even see where the scissors bluntly cut, leaving white spaces showing the scalp. It looks like crap. Vanessa Black


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