Reader Mail: Miami Drivers Need to Go Back to School

Sunshine State Cult

An anti-cult message: People who join cults like Kashi Ashram ("Brainwashed," Terrence McCoy, May 16) get what they deserve. It is Darwin's Law of Evolution in action. CheckpointCharlie73

Weird Science

Live in the real world: Luke is right to point out the inherent racism in Kiera Wilmot's arrest and expulsion over a science experiment gone wrong ("Science Racism," Luther Campbell, May 16). Teachers and administrators sometimes have really twisted reactions. They had this girl arrested for what is essentially a classic experiment teenagers always attempt. School employees do not seem to have the mental or emotional capacity to deal with real-life situations. MentalMidgets


Letters to the Editor

That's not a bomb: Here is the truth, per law enforcement: She mixed toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil in an empty eight-ounce water bottle. "It just blew the top off the bottle," Officer Greg Rhoden told the Lakeland Ledger. "It didn't fracture the bottle, but the gas that built up inside it pushed the plastic out so it looks deformed." This was not a bomb! I guess if you drop a water-balloon "bomb" from the top of the Empire State Building, you might hurt someone. But it is still not a bomb. And I guess if you held the eight-ounce plastic bottle in your hands close to your face, some of the cleaner could splash into your eye. So could running with an open container of toilet cleaner on school grounds, risking a splash. Pretending that Kiera discharged a bomb is an insult to all the people killed or maimed in Boston and other tragedies. Rozumbrada

Everyone does it: I remember being in elementary school, putting vinegar in a bottle, dropping in a napkin full of baking soda, and then corking it. Then we would watch the cork pop off and record the height. I guess I and the rest of the third-graders and teachers were guilty of discharging a bomb on school grounds as well. Miguel Marquez

Driven Crazy

Drive right or get out: Your list of rules to improve driving in Dade ("Driving School," Kyle Munzenrieder, May 16) seems like a simple concept, but some people are just inconsiderate morons, and they're all over the world, not just in Miami. Still, anyone who breaks these rules should be exiled anyway. Glenn Miller

Listen up, West Dade: This list is custom-made for Hialeah, Medley, and Doral. What part of "do not block the intersection" do you not understand? paulxl7

New checkpoints: I've heard that up to 30 percent of Miami drivers don't have driver's licenses. There are already all these DUI checkpoints around town. Why not also do a driver's license checkpoint to get these fools off the streets? Tya Eachus

Shameless: I need to carry this list as a pullout to show to people. I went to a CVS a month ago, and a woman in a BMW who did not have a handicap placard parked across two handicap spaces. How selfish can you be? Yes, I shamed her into moving. fpscc

Foreign drivers: Many Miami drivers are not from the United States and are used to driving recklessly in their native lands. They ain't got stringent laws back in those countries! Giovanni Imperial

You don't own the road: Great article. The only addendum I would make is when people think the passing lane is their personal lane to cruise along under the speed limit. That's how they hold up traffic in the passing lane, and then they get pissed off when you have to find an alternate route around them and decide to speed up in an attempt to block you. Most of these drivers need to grow up and get over the mindset that they own the damn road. Crystal Gi


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