Reader Mail: Miami Beach Corruption Is Sickening

Swamp Wars

Zero-sum game: You've devoted a whole piece to the business conflicts of airboat captains in the Everglades ("Sawgrass Skirmish," Jon Tayler, January 3), but do you expect everyone to just lie down, disappear, and not compete? Maybe there isn't enough of the pie to go around after all. Maybe it's actually a cupcake and everyone is trying to get more than a bite of it. Then the question is, how badly does any of these guys want it? jgcamp99

Luke's Predictions

Another crystal ball: Uncle Luke has gifted us with his predictions for 2013 ("The Future," Luther Campbell, January 3), so I'd like to offer my own prediction: Luke will write more columns blaming everyone else for the plight of African-Americans. Kirkslade

Another Rubio forecast: Is Luke's prediction about Marco Rubio trying to look more Hispanic by referring to the same Marco Rubio who talks big but fails to deliver? I am a firm believer of Washington living by the same standards as the people, across the board (in terms of benefits, salaries, vacations, retirement, etc.). The question is, is this guy in over his head or not ? Am I alone in thinking he is not representing all Floridians? It's time to recall Marco Rubio or vote him out of office. Drake mallard

New Year's Promises

Surely you jest: One of your New Year's suggestions for local notables ("Miami's Resolutions," Francisco Alvarado, January 3) is that former Rep. David Rivera should get a "real job." You mean unlike Joe Garcia, that Democratic douche who beat him in the election with New Times' help? You know, the guy who has never held a real job in his life aside from looting taxpayers? Anthonyvop1

SoBe Corruption

That's nauseating: Ugh, your piece about all the businesses tied into corrupt deals with Gus Lopez, the ousted Miami Beach procurement director ("Scam City," Michael E. Miller, January 3) is disgusting. This is just another reason why Forbes recently listed Miami as one of the worst places to live in the whole country. Laura Carolina Salado

Graft central: Nothing compares to the cesspool of corruption at the City of Miami Beach. You must be blind not to see it. While most in the police department make nearly $100,000 salaries, their cars do not even have cameras to record their actions on the job. The gay-bashing cops get hired back, and gay and black city employees are used to cover up police misconduct against gays and blacks instead of actually investigating it. There is absolutely no way to complain about anything, because everything just ends up on the desks of the people you complain about, and then you get threats. The only thing that works is if you spend thousands to sue them. Then they will quietly pay you off from their bottomless budget. Meesh Kachian

They're not alone: This is disturbing, but not unique. Miami Beach is just as shady as any other big city. Gabriel Geronimo Pedraza

Ramen No More

Weird decision: Why would Machiya get rid of ramen, which was its biggest differentiator from other restaurants in the area ("Machiya Ramen Noodle House Stops Serving Ramen," Emily Codik, January 3)? I went there during Art Basel, and they had already removed ramen from the menu because customers were sending it back. I almost walked out when I saw they didn't have it anymore but decided to give the other menu items a try. They were OK, but not great. It's a weird decision because I actually really liked their ramen. If they're listening, they'll reformulate the recipe and bring it back. ellynet

Repenting for Murder

No forgiveness: To Venjah Hunte — one of the men responsible for the murder of former University of Miami football star Sean Taylor and has now written a letter asking for forgiveness ("Man Involved in Sean Taylor Murder Writes Two-and-a-Half-Page Apology Letter," Kyle Munzenrieder, January 3) — I would never forgive you. I worked with Sean's father, and I saw him grow up. I talked to his father after Sean's death and had no words or wisdom to express how sorry I was for his great loss. I lost my father that same year, but a father is not supposed to bury his son. As far as your idea of writing a book in prison, who would care to read it? But if you were to make any money, you should give it all to the little girl whose father you killed. leannmean247


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