Reader Mail: Long Voting Lines Were a GOP Plot

Miami's Dictator

Long lines aren't a race issue: I'm still having trouble understanding Luke's column comparing Gov. Rick Scott to Hugo Chávez and likening County Mayor Carlos Gimenez to Fidel Castro ("Gimenez Like Fidel?" Luther Campbell, November 8). The voting hours are the same for Democrats and Republicans, so his argument makes no sense. I am not saying that Democrats are too lazy to stand in line, but Luke is implying that point with his racist ranting. He's right: No one, Democrat or Republican, should have to stand in line for seven hours to vote, but that's not a racial issue. It applies equally to all parties. I'm sick of Luke whipping out the race card on everything. With his hatred of whites, he's no better than any other racist. As long as there are people like him, or like quite a few other blacks and whites, we will never get along. To everyone who waited through the lines, thanks for taking the time. I voted on Election Day, and there was no line; I was in and out in ten minutes. I live in a predominantly black neighborhood, and I didn't see a problem. How is this an attempt to discourage Obama supporters from voting? Do they not have the same chance to vote as Romney supporters? Is Luke saying that Obama supporters are too lazy to stand in line, whereas Romney supporters are not? What is he trying to say about his own people in this respect? I would really like to see his answer to this question. Oh, and by the way, Chávez is a publicly avowed supporter of Obama. Hlain9152

Voter suppression at its worst: Voter suppression tactics are clearly aimed at preventing the Democratic majority in this country (where there are 63 million registered Democrats versus 47 million registered Republicans) to get out and vote. They tend to be people who don't have nannies to watch the kids, the flexibility to take a three-hour corporate lunch, or the luxury to take a day off to stand in line for seven hours and vote, because they might not get paid. With all of the technological advancements in today's modern age, it's ridiculous for anyone to have to wait seven hours to exercise a basic right. Let's also not forget the fact that our good Republican governor, who has a 39 percent approval rating, did not want to keep the number of early voting days at 14 and had them cut to eight. Still having trouble understanding what Luke is saying?

Signed, a "lazy," white-collar Democrat who stood in line for four hours on Friday to vote early due to the flexibility provided by his corporate employer. Paul L.

iPhone Entrepreneurs

Any way to make a buck: I liked your first-person tale of the homeless and eccentric crowd camping out in front of an Apple Store all night to make $100 by holding places in line for iPhone buyers ("iWait," Camille Lamb, November 8). It's a feel-good story wrapped in seedy Miami griminess — a welcome change from the news as of late. ivxx

The story of our nation: I really enjoyed this genuinely American story. Solarvision

Central Florida Showdown

Boricuas for Obama: The story detailing the fight between President Obama and Mitt Romney to win votes in Central Florida ("How Would Jesus Vote?" Victor Gonzalez, November 1) neglected to mentioned that at least 90 percent of the Puerto Ricans living in the Orlando/Kissimmee area will be voting for President Obama. Thanks to them, this has been a Democrat stronghold for years. jetflyer57

Think for yourself: Patriotism is to politics what faith is to religion: the unquestioned acceptance of information that is either unverified or in conflict with factual evidence. Patriotism is the incubator of wars. Similar to religion, patriotism is an emotion, as opposed to a rational thought process. Studies and surveys have consistently indicated that approximately 90 percent of people in any given country have strong patriotic sentiments. This percentage is similar to the percentage of people involved in other faith-based activities, such as religion. This same percentage also reflects the bell curve of the general intelligence level of a population: 90 percent of all people in a Caucasian population group register an IQ below 120. The high-IQ people run the world and earn high incomes. The higher a person's IQ, the greater his rationality and his ability to see clearly without blinders. speck_of_star.dust

Club Champions

The Florida Press Club held its annual awards ceremony this past weekend, and Miami New Times cleaned up. Staff writer Michael E. Miller took home the Lucy Morgan prize for in-depth reporting and a first in public safety coverage among small newspapers. Managing editor Tim Elfrink was named best in serious features.


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