Reader mail: Jeremy Lin could get laid anytime

Power Mad

Keep digging: Good job on your two-month investigation into how Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace has grown corrupt with power in his nearly three decades in office ("Mayor for Life," Michael E. Miller, February 23). If you had the time, I am sure you could uncover even more. All the land, hotel, motel, and real estate transactions should be investigated in that area. Wallace's story is exactly what is wrong with America today. This whole scenario infiltrates our entire system. Unfortunately, it is investigated and then nothing is ever done. We just need more good reporters like Michael Miller. Power, money, and corruption — will it ever end? Oh, one last thing: Does Miller have a bodyguard?



Reader mail

Character assassins: New Times sure does have a tone in how they write these character-assassinating stories. I have never met Wallace, but I can definitely read through this bull and see that New Times failed to substantiate the title of the article. Other than kicking his sister out of her house, the story reads like a desperate attempt to sell newspapers. I must admit, though, it was entertaining.

Hym 5

Silencing Shapiro

Nevin lied: Kudos to New Times for the story about how secret testimony by Ponzi schemer and former University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro's top assistant, Sean Allen, clears UM of Shapiro's most serious allegations that he bought cars and hookers for athletes ("Nevin Exposed," Tim Elfrink, Feb. 23). Allen's testimony shows that Yahoo! Sports and reporter Charles Robertson — who broke the original piece about Shapiro's accusations last August — were actually the ones taken in by the Ponzi schemer. Allen's testimony is a fitting end to their report, because they did not confirm Shapiro's tale. Shapiro can rot in jail for all the harm he has done to so many people he swindled. And all the self-righteous sportscasters calling for the "death penalty" for UM's athletics before the proof actually was in should all resign and find another line of work.


UM leaders are to blame: This article misses the point. The sanctions against UM won't boil down to how much Nevin gave to individual players, many of whom are now gone from the school. The key information will be how much Miami's athletic department knew about what he was doing, and what they did about it once they knew Shapiro was bad news. The most damning evidence, actually, will be that former football coach Randy Shannon told players to stay away from Sha­piro. Shannon isn't some rogue coach they can throw under the bus. They didn't fire Shannon for breaking any NCAA rules. Everybody, including New Times, is so hung up on what exactly the players got from Shapiro, but that doesn't matter.

Jimmy Bobby

NCAA is powerless: The investigation into Cam Newton's violations at Auburn University proved the NCAA is incompetent. Newton's case should have been like shooting fish in a barrel, considering players went on television admitting they were paid by boosters, and the NCAA still came up with nothing. Why should the UM investigation be any different?

Kyle David

Linsane for Groupies

Lin got laid: Does Uncle Luke really think Jeremy Lin couldn't get laid before he hit the big time ("Luke's Gospel: Jeremy Lin, Beware the Power of the Coochie," Luther Campbell, February 23)? Why is that, I wonder? Could it be because he doesn't think Asians bring game? What a bunch of nonsense. The dude has a degree from Harvard with a 3.2 GPA, was a team hero in college, and plays in the NBA. And women actually like nice guys; it's just that the trashy ones get all the attention. Jeremy probably had more opportunities than the author of this article, and he seems to have handled it strictly according to his faith.


Don't stereotype: Wow, stereotyping Asians much, Uncle Luke? I'm sure Jeremy Lin has been with plenty of girls before. In addition, he's smart and modest. Don't worry — he'll make good decisions even now that he's famous.


Homestead Shakedown

Bad work: Never mind the allegations that Homestead Mayor Steve Bateman used city staff to coordinate a campaign video ("Caught on Tape," Francisco Alvarado, February 23). I can't believe Bateman paid $14,000 for that ad. It looks like a fifth-grader made it with Windows Movie Maker. There is almost zero overhead associated with that piece of crap. Screw everyone involved in this: the mayor for wasting taxes, and the videographer for making such a piece of shit for so much money.



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