Reader mail: It's time America takes care of its own people

Racist Republicans

Vote for Paul, and Luke will leave: Uncle Luke's argument that all the GOP frontrunners are prejudiced ("Luke's Gospel: Romney Is Racist," Luther Campbell, January 12) points out that Mitt Romney many years ago preached ignorant Mormon bull about black children being cursed by God, but it ignores that we elected Barack Obama after he spent 25 years, many with his wife and children, listening to the racist preacher Jeremiah Wright. If black people are insulted by Gingrich stating that more people have gone on food stamps since Obama took office, they really need to go back to school. Ron Paul actually made a great deal of sense when he argued that Lincoln should have just purchased all the South's slaves and then freed them rather than going to war. Slavery was wrong, but all the slaves were in fact purchased by Southerners. When Lincoln freed the slaves, his action in fact was the equivalent to theft of property. People who are robbed stay angry for a long time and are not quick to forgive. In the end, Luke actually endorsed Ron Paul by agreeing to move to the Bahamas if Paul wins. He owes you a thank-you, Luke.

Jeffrey Fichtelberg

Paul would emancipate: What makes you think Ron Paul would put black people back in chains? He has said that if elected, he would free all people who are under the control of the federal criminal system due to nonviolent drug charges. This would free more black people than the Civil War did. And speaking of the Civil War, you claim that forcing slave owners to sell their slaves would not have changed the slave owners' beliefs that black people were property. But did the Civil War change their beliefs?

Inez Tyler

Obama doesn't help blacks: I hope Ron Paul gets elected, because Obama isn't what he says he is. Black people are still suffering, even with him in office. Ron Paul doesn't want to bring black people down; he wants to cut welfare in order to get us on track, which has been a difficult task due to all the tragedies we as a people have endured. Too many brothers and sisters get trapped in that welfare hole and don't know how to get out and hustle. I am not saying welfare needs to be eliminated 100 percent, but there needs to be a time limit. I am proud to be black and grateful that we have a black president, but it's time for the rest of the world to handle its own mess. America is the most generous nation on the planet. It's time we take care of American black people, white people, Hispanics, and Asians within our borders and get past all this black versus white, Democrat versus Republican class warfare before we try to solve the world's issues.


Holiday Horror

Political failure: The fact that Liberty Square officials ignored multiple warnings that Dorian Hinkson was disturbed before he stabbed his neighbor to death Christmas Eve ("Straight to the Heart," Tim Elfrink, January 12) is all too typical. Elected officials such as city Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones, who represents the area, care only about scamming money for themselves. Nobody cares when poor blacks kill poor blacks.


Violence continues: There was another shooting last week, on January 11. I was on SW 62nd Street near Liberty Square when I heard about six shots, and I thought nothing of it because it happens all the time there. I found out later that a woman shot her boyfriend. This BS needs to stop! This shooting happened at 3 p.m., and there were kids everywhere. I service stores all over Liberty City, and it's very sad the conditions that these poor people have to endure day to day. It's simply as bad as it can get in the United States, and 98 percent of Miami residents have no idea because they won't even go through Liberty City.


Pigged Out

Pay up, pigs: If Primary Flight, the gallery exhibiting pigs with nude artist Maru Kim during Art Basel ("Primary Filth," Michael E. Miller, January 12), had good intentions, it would have secured a proper sanctuary for the two pigs before the exhibit took place. That is what responsible adults do. These people were acting like children more concerned with their own PR spin than the welfare of these animals they made sick with the show. Primary Flight, get off your lazy ass and give the money you promised to the rescue farm CJ Acres or shut up about how great you are for saving the pigs. Sorry, but the gallery did no such thing, and I'm tired of these people using the media to continue their propaganda and slander of the true rescuers.

Marvin B.


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