Reader Mail: "Hatemonger" Governor Is Actually a Visionary

Worst of the Worst

Still hate Brewer?: In your piece last week where alt-weekly writers around the country call out their most terrible elected officials ("America's Worst Politicians," July 3), I see you've let Phoenix New Times writer Stephen Lemons continue making negative comments about Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona. Specifically, he criticizes her for signing Bill 1070, regarding immigrations restrictions. I have no idea how long ago Mr. Lemons wrote this piece, but I wonder if he'll change his opinion after looking at the events of the past 30 days, when another mass influx of people from many countries crossing into the U.S. from Mexico have brought health problems and crime with them. Then add in the presumed bankruptcy of many local governments that cannot properly fund the acute medical care and the housing, feeding, and educational needs of their children. Extrapolate that math outward, and you'll see that regardless of any pro or con immigration opinions, the system will collapse simply due to the sheer amount of need. The problem isn't an unwillingness to help, but the simple inability to be able to divide a pie into millions of pieces and have anything left that remotely even looks like a piece of pie. Understanding all of that, I wonder if Lemons' opinion of Governor Brewer has changed. Is she really a "hatemonger," as you've labeled her in your article, or is she in fact a visionary? Just wondering! Bruce

Lefties are so predictable: Wow, a bunch of left-wing hacks create a list attacking and insulting Republicans. How original! Anthonyvop1


Reader Mail: "Hatemonger" Governor Is Actually a Visionary

Beach Chief

The union is to blame: The Miami Beach Police Department's union controls the entire city, so no one should be surprised about the past controversies you've turned up involving the force's new chief, Dan Oates ("SoBe's Top Cop," Trevor Bach, July 3). Miami Beach is a dirty tourist city declining by the second. Just take a second to list all the lawsuits against the City of Miami Beach, and you'll show the public what is really going on. DrumRollPlease

Racist cops: Wait until Chief Oates actually makes it to the big leagues of Miami Beach Police, where cops shoot black dudes just because. Tony Prieto

Inner-City Warfare

Nothing like the Middle East: I need to know why Uncle Luke thinks that throwing more money and resources at inner cities will help the ongoing spate of violence and mass shootings in places like Liberty City ("Liberty City Is Like Iraq," Luther Campbell, July 3). We have been doing this same thing since the 1960s. Entitlement after entitlement is sent to poor neighborhoods, and there's never an improvement, just conditions always getting worse. It's a bad analogy for Luke to compare urban America with anything in the Middle East. Here, urban dwellers have only their own neighbors to fear. I hear many exclaim online — "SMH!" — when faced with more news of drugs and/or violence, but with that attitude it will never get better. Shaking your heads will do nothing. Instead, we need to teach children personal responsibility and respect for others so that when they grow up, they'll know better than to act like this current generation. The American dream is still available to all. Njkevinmartin

Luke is no role model: I see many common attributes in neighborhoods struggling with violence. There's a complete breakdown of a structured family system and endless gobs of money thrown at them, only to ask for more. Pointing out one success story while refusing to look at the thousands of failures is common, while an inability to speak or write in a proper language is widespread. There's zero accountability, the worst role models ever — you know, like Uncle Luke — and a common wardrobe that makes it impossible to get a job. Residents take pride in being arrested, and the "don't snitch" policy is everywhere. kirkslade1

LeBron in Dade

Wade is a chump: Your argument about why LeBron will re-sign with the Heat ("LeBron Is Staying," Ryan Yousefi, July 3) made me laugh. Specifically, pointing out that Wade has one more ring than James. The first ring, Shaq won for Wade, and the last two, James got for him. I'm just keeping it real — Wade has never won a title on a team that didn't go get a bigger and better star player than himself. James G. Camp

Can't win 'em all: It's unrealistic to think a team will win a championship every single year. LeBron will not team-hop. He's not going anywhere! LoWanda McFadden

Condom Wars

Gates is a rip-off artist: Why would local entrepreneur Robert "Beau" Thompson be surprised that the Gates Foundation stole his idea for a new type of condom ("Rubber Rip-Off," Trevor Bach, July 3)? Why would Bill Gates honor anyone's invention? Isn't his style to use other people's inventions and then bring them into the world under his own outfit? Jake Nabutovsky


In a piece about Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann that appeared in the July 3 feature story, "America's Worst Politicians," John Wayne Gacy was incorrectly characterized. He was a resident, not a native, of Waterloo, Iowa.


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