Reader Mail: Gun Control Is as Boneheaded as Prohibition

Rifle Frenzy

Guns stop crime: It's funny how whenever writers who are clearly anti-gun tackle the issue of assault rifles and gun control ("Up in Arms," Francisco Alvarado, February 21), they forget to put in the facts that really matter. Like how many violent crimes, rapes, and burglaries are prevented every year by law-abiding, gun-carrying citizens. If they look, they will see it is about 800,000 to 2.5 million, depending on the study. Also, where is the statistic showing the number of violent crimes that happen in Miami versus those in L.A. or Chicago, where the strictest gun laws in the country hamper citizens? After reading this story, I sincerely hope Mayor Tomás Regalado will not have another term. Law-Abiding Gun Owner

Prohibition sucked: While liberals continue to attack our Constitution by proposing new gun-control measures, illegal-arms traffickers are excited about all the business that will be headed their way (just like Prohibition did for organized crime and the 40-year drug war has done for cartels). Criminals will also benefit because they will be the only ones with access to assault rifles through their connections to illegal-arms traffickers. And politicians love it because people will think they're heroes and elect them into office. We've seen how Prohibition worked out. We've seen how unsuccessful the War on Drugs has been at reducing drug use. But gun control will be different? Isn't it funny how Americans repeat the same mistakes over and over and over? Cuco3

Learn to read: Did any of this article's critics actually read it? There may be some errors in terminology, but the author did state early in the article that an AR-15 is not an assault rifle under the technical terms but is often lumped in with them in legislation and media reports. He also seemed to show both sides of the story. There is a lot of hate coming from people who probably didn't read the story. That Guy

Give the good guys guns: Chicago has 2.7 million residents and had about 500 murders in 2012. Broward County has about 1.7 million residents, and fewer than 60 people were murdered in 2012. Chicago has the most draconian gun-control measures in the nation but leads the pack in murder rate. Stop trying to ban guns and stop being anti-gun. Instead, take guns away from the gangbangers and the mentally ill. Drmarkm

Claptrap and lies: This article is everything that's wrong with media coverage on guns. I am not going to go through and refute all the fallacies and outright lies, but they are glaringly obvious. This is why gun control is DOA. Almost everyone who's even seen a gun on TV can see right through this load of incorrect claptrap. Brenton D. Adams

Prison Death

Despicable judge: I am sick to death over your story about how Keskea Hernandez died in federal detention because authorities refused to treat her for lupus ("Behind Bars," Michael E. Miller, February 21). I am appalled that the judge showed such inhumanity. He had an opportunity to do the right thing, and he didn't. How anyone can take the word of a doctor who works in the prison system is beyond me. This woman deserved better than that kind of treatment. I am so sorry for her daughter. House arrest would have been the logical option in this case. Yellow

Pay up, prisons: A mortgage fraud conviction should not get someone a death sentence. Yes, Hernandez committed a crime, but that doesn't mean she was not entitled to medical care. This story is so sad. My thoughts are with the family, and I hope the federal prison system will pay. Money cannot replace this woman, but it can help her daughter. Murderers get better treatment than this. sac1975

Bitter Toward Britto

Not art at all: Romero Britto shouldn't be surprised he's being sued for not warning dealers about forgeries ("Britto Battle," Tim Elfrink, February 21). This is what you get when you involve yourself with trash. This man's so-called artwork will never have any context in art history. You'll never find it mentioned in any literature for college classes. It means nothing, it is nothing, and what goes around comes around. Step away from the force-feeding art world, gain some sophistication, and try your hand at real modern and contemporary art. kevin824


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