Reader mail: "Global warming no longer exists!"

Sex and the Magic City

Stay out of our bedrooms: Regarding "Coming in Miami" (September 8): You write as if the existing invasion of privacy into our personal lives is not enough. Now you want authorities to enter our bedrooms too? Where did you come from? How about those millions of singles who do not want to entertain a prostitute or screw a stranger? People like those who took the survey only put their lives in someone else's hands. Then they suffer.


Half Truth

Balance, baby, balance: Chuck Strouse's biased article "Jailed for Truth" (September 8) fails to mention:

1. Journalist Emilio Palacio's column accused Correa of "crimes against humanity."

2. Private media ownership is highly concentrated in Ecuador; individual mediums are often owned by a single family.

3. Palacio said that in the video he obtained, Correa calls to shoot police officers in the chest, something that private media repeated. But it turned out to be false, as demonstrated by clearer videos (a simple Google search for this video would have been sufficient research on your part).

4. More than 70 percent of Ecuadorians, according to numerous polls, approve of the government (remember, this is a key component of what democracy means).

In the future, please try to present both viewpoints fairly, and please consider doing more extensive research.


Hot Debate

Warmin' ain't happenin': While Michael Miller's September 8 story "All Wet" describes several effects that global warming could have on Miami, the author fails to mention that global warming no longer exists! This was proven around Thanksgiving 2009 when leaked United Nations emails revealed that professors from the University of East Anglia in England, as well as from other universities around the world, fudged the numbers regarding global warming. In fact, the author probably forgot to mention that we had one of the coldest winters this year and last year in South Florida.

The author and a university professor mention that melting polar ice caps will cause a rise in sea levels that will then hinder the global ecosystem. Again, due to global cooling that we have had in the past 15 years (as shown in the leaked emails), the polar ice caps have expanded. And before you call me a fraud, please notice that it is quite a natural phenomenon for the polar ice caps to expand more in the winter and contract in the summer. Don't believe me? Add some water to a block of ice and then put it in the freezer.

Another trend to spot in this global warming fraud is the five-fold increase in the polar bear population in the past 50 years. Al Gore and his eco-fascist police tell us that global warming will drown the polar bears. Hey, Al, polar bears can swim! In fact, the polar bear population has grown so much that they are now a nuisance in the Arctic.

Gore and a few of his followers even argue global warming will drown penguins. This is an absurd statement, because penguins are the fastest aquatic birds on Earth (some observers have labeled them "torpedoes in water").

The entire point of the global warming debate is to frame us thinking individuals as idiots. Please educate yourselves a little more before following such global warming lies or any other hoax hatched by government or a former government servant. (Yes, government serves us, the people. They are not "officials.")

Norbis Sanchez

Is too, you paranoid bastard: If people honestly believe that global warming is not happening, they are sadly mistaken. Not only is it happening, but also it will continually get worse as the years go on, since our leaders are obviously not courageous enough to stop putting this gas into the atmosphere or stop deforestation. For goodness' sake, just use hemp and paper for fuel. Problem solved. We wouldn't be in this hopeless situation if that was done. Our leaders would rather destroy civilization as we know it than to legalize hemp, which doesn't even have any drug content to get high off of in the first place. Completely ridiculous.


Luke Pro and Con

Con: Luther Campbell's September 8 column, "Kirby Hocutt: The UM Scandal's Real Villain," raised this question: Did UM President Donna Shalala inform Hocutt what was going on before she hired him, or did she trap him? I doubt anyone could figure out the power politics of UM in just 24 months. Thinking Hocutt was instantly an inside man is wishful thinking. Miami has had decades of shady behavior. Looking to blame the last guy in and out the door is very weak.

Common Sense

Pro: I wasn't a fan of former UM Coach Randy Shannon, but it's pretty well known he disliked Shapiro, warned players to stay away from him, and raised red flags about him. Shannon had been around those infamous UM teams that got in trouble, and he knew trouble when he saw it. It's true this mess started before Hocutt, but it certainly continued while he was there. It seems absurd he would be allowed to continue working unscathed under the NCAA umbrella when he was involved in this mess. If the players — who don't earn a dime for their work on the field — can be punished for what happened, why not a grown man who collects a paycheck under the auspices of the same sanctioning body? Doesn't seem fair.



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