Reader mail: Genting casino will help Miami's economy

No Ace in the Hole

Deal us in: I read your story about former Mayor Joe Carollo's opposition to Genting's proposed casino ("Crazy Like a Fox," Francisco Alvarado, September 29), and I say we milk 'em for a little bit more! Everyone is saying that it's the taxpayers' land, so why shouldn't we try to get a cut of the checks? It isn't like they can say no at this point. They have invested a lot of money already and are here to stay. The right thing to do is for them to cut the taxpayers a check for the public land they will trespass on. Maybe we'll give them a deal because of the monetary impact the casino will have on our city. But nonetheless, show me the money!



Genting casino

Bought off: It is evident that Miami New Times is biased and is planting stories that have no merit. You should be ashamed of your half-hearted, one-sided reporting — and you have the audacity to call the Miami Herald biased! If you want facts, why aren't you reporting the full story about Genting, which has been involved in various businesses throughout the country for decades. The question now doesn't become which gambling competitor is paying off Joe Carollo and Xavier Suarez, but who is buying off New Times?

Watch Dog

Casino royale: What's not to love about this plan? We already have casinos in Florida — they just all belong to the Indians. This casino idea will generate thousands of jobs for people here in Florida, help pay cops and teachers and firefighters, and build schools and prisons without raising our taxes. If we can't do this, we are screwed.

Joe Paine

Cash in: You want a city-owned casino? Sure, let's give over all control of free markets to the government. Are you insane? The Genting Group has a long history of investing and working with business communities, and that means this project will maximize the economic and job benefits on the state's economy. We need the tax revenue and jobs this would create.

Christian Berke

Move over: Heaven forbid we add a little progress and some fun, glitz, and glitter to this city. How long can we continue to use South Beach? South Beach was great in the '80s and '90s, but now it's time to move on and catch up to the rest of the world and become a big-time city with a beautiful skyline, jobs, and tourism. What could be wrong with that? It is our own fault for allowing these same corrupt, incompetent clowns to be re-elected over and over. Carollo, get out of the way. The future and progress are going to run you over!


What happens in Vegas: If Genting signs a document that guarantees a good profit for the city after all expenses are paid, Miamians should consider this offer; otherwise, we would probably lose money. Besides, once this Pandora's box is opened, Miami Beach will follow, with every hotel wanting to develop into casinos. Do you want your children living in Las Vegas-like environmental decadence? I lived there. I know how putrid life is there.


Not Black and White

Look in the mirror: Luke is right when he says the schools are racist because adults, including the ones running schools, tend to be more racist than kids ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, September 29). I am half-Latino, half-non-Hispanic white. I look Aryan. I have heard prejudice aimed at both halves. Until we stop teaching this vile behavior at home, this will continue. We all want the same thing: a safe home for our kids and to help them grow up to be better than we are. Talk to your neighbor, and you'll find he's just like you.


Take one: It's illogical to call an entire ethnic community racist. We're individuals, with different life experiences — racist whites, nonracist whites, racist blacks, nonracist blacks. Start judging individual choices and stop pinning it to a whole group of people. After all, isn't that what racist behavior is all about? To associate a vast group of people with a narrow, poorly defined ideology?


It's perception: People do not respond to color. They respond to their fears. If people responded to color, white people would not buy black cars or live in yellow houses. The reason a white family has no problem living next to a black lawyer is that there is no consideration that this lawyer will break into their house or have friends sitting on the stoop playing loud music and drinking 40s. It is not about color. It is about conduct. Black people do not worry when white people move next door, but we all worry when young black people move in. It is clear that color is not our fear. It is what we associate with it.



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