Reader Mail: Gainesville Isn't Racist, Uncle Luke Is

Hip-Hop Central

Long way to go: Both the rappers in your piece about Carol City's hip-hop explosion ("It's Deeper Than Rap," Francisco Alvarado, September 5) have shortcomings: SpaceGhostPurrp is a good producer, but he's not as lyrical as Gunplay. Either way, Miami still has a long way to go before it can call itself a "breeding ground for future hip-hop hall-of-famers." Rick Ross and Flo Rida both suck. Jayan Bertrand

Slackline Beatdown

Too many cops: When you keep hiring more and more police officers, what do you expect but the kind of silly excesses like preventing people from slacklining in a park ("Buzzkill on the Beach," Terrence McCoy, September 5). The cops will find people to arrest and use that to justify still more police officers on the payroll. That is how the game is played. It certainly has little to do with public safety. But then in Florida, you can carry a concealed weapon, profile a person, confront that person, shoot him dead, and walk away a free man with a fat bank account. DallasNE


Letters to the Editor

No fun in Fort Lauderdale: The cops always seem to be arresting people in that area of the beach where Benjamin Powers got busted for juggling and using a slackline. I guess they are trying to keep the appearance that the area is "safe." But the cops and the city government just don't understand tourism. Take a look at Venice Beach, which is always packed and a huge moneymaker. They let folks do just about anything there. Here in uptight Fort Lauderdale, you can't have any fun at all. icculus17

UF Racism

Put away the race card: At first I read Uncle Luke's column about the history of racism at the University of Florida ("Racist Gators," Luther Campbell, September 5) and I thought it was a good read because I didn't know a lot of those facts. Then I thought about it and realized his argument has nothing to do with football, the upcoming game against the University of Miami, or even the current state of racism or the lack thereof at UF. This is a prime example of someone playing the "race card," as much as that term is overused. Kyle Haines

Racism is alive and well: It's amazing that people who have suffered the least because of their race are the first to say that something is not about race. I found this article very informative. I applaud former Gators coach Charlie Strong for leaving UF when he was overlooked for a head-coaching job. He has done an outstanding job at Louisville. I will end this by saying that although those of you who posted comments may not be racist, never once stop believing that even in late 2013, racism is still very much alive and kicking. Go Canes! Marvin Bap Baptiste

Accidental racist: As usual, Uncle Luke is so off. It's like 90 percent of his articles are about calling people and businesses (and the government) racist. It's becoming apparent he's the one who's got issues with skin color. Why are people like this even on your payroll? Kay Ortega

Gainesville is progressive: This column is absolutely stupid. This is the worst commentary I have ever read in Miami New Times. First of all, every state school in Florida was segregated. Why single out UF? State law mandated racial segregation. Also, calling Gainesville the state's Tea Party headquarters shows how ill-informed you are. Gainesville has something that Miami doesn't have: a transgender-inclusive civil rights law. You are a nut case. Tony Smith

Move on from racism: I am both Hispanic and African-American, and I went to UM for an MBA. I have to say this article is really disgusting. You imply UF is still racist, which I believe it is not. To call a school racist, in the present tense for the sake of competition, is really pathetic. It shows the level of your education. Here is a history lesson for you: Almost all schools in the South prevented African-Americans from attending universities. But that is all in the past, and there are now laws, grants, and scholarships that allow African-Americans to attend for free. So the mistakes of the past are being corrected. It's time to get over it and move on. This article does nothing more than further engulf America in its dark past. This country will continue to have a hard time moving on as one nation due to the media's need to make money and not provide solutions when it comes to issues of race. eltonb01

Luke is the racist: The author is worse than self-admitted racists because he disguises his racist traits and acts as though he is fighting for equality. Former Gators coach Charlie Strong never accused UF of being racist. He complained about other schools interviewing him just so they could say they interviewed a black coach. jrcurtis45


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