Reader Mail: FIU's Pikes Are Terrible Human Beings

College Complaints

Bateman helps Homestead: The critics of Dade Medical College and its expansion in Homestead ("Pass/Fail," Francisco Alvarado, August 29) fail to mention that the downtown area the college bought was a festering shithole including a crack motel that has now been emptied out. The area has improved greatly, created jobs, and become economically viable once again. Homestead Mayor Steve Bateman disclosed his ties to Dade College's president, Ernesto Perez, and abstained from the vote. As for the controversy over the vote for a new sewer system for the area, this article fails to mention that the system there is outdated and the clinic onsite serves the lowest-income residents in Homestead. The compensation Mayor Bateman received was far less than the market rate for the work he did. He was expanding sewers for a children's clinic. You are going to demonize him for that? Our city has been improved by this man by leaps and bounds. Although some of what he's done may technically be illegal under strict rules, our town is better for having him as mayor. He is an overhauler, not a pocket-lining crook. There has been a witch-hunting constituency out to get him for some time now. I guess they found their loophole. Sad. Verdisvioletta

Mayoral mayhem: In just three weeks, we've seen the mayors of Sweetwater, Miami Lakes, and now Homestead all get arrested. Geeze, at least something is getting done. Oscar Sosa


Reader Mail: FIU's Pikes Are Terrible Human Beings

Clean up Homestead: It's about time someone cleaned up city hall in Homestead. Now when are they going after the Homestead Police and the code enforcement officers? The corruption down here is as bad as in Miami, but no one pays attention. Help! illwilled19

Don't take Scotty's from us: It's sad that those people who run for office are the same ones who sell out people and the city, all for money. Greed takes you nowhere. It would be nice to see a regular John or Jane Doe running for office instead of all these money-hungry goons. Just look at what's happening with Scotty's Landing in Coconut Grove. It's a Miami institution, but the city commission wants to tear it down for a parking garage now. Hazie Almendares

Dunn's Hypocrisy

Dunn's record speaks for itself: Why on Earth is Uncle Luke criticizing the Rev. Richard Dunn for associating with Commissioner Marc Sarnoff ("Dunn Deal," Luther Campbell, August 29)? By Luke's own words, Dunn went after former police chief Miguel Esposito in a big way. He did it as if the unarmed men killed by Miami police officers were his own family members. Yet Luke is now implying he would not do the same again if he's elected this time because some of Sarnoff's associates are contributing to his campaign? That's connecting dots that make no sense. It's a claim that's not supported by Dunn's track record. The venom Luke is spewing makes me wonder: Is he jealous of the reverend, and is that jealousy seriously clouding his judgment? Does Luke wish he could be where Dunn is? Bashing your people doesn't look good on you, Luke. Be a decent man of color and support candidates who can represent you and the African-American community well. Dunn's past performance has proven he can do it. poorricharded

FIU's Fratricide

There are good Greeks: As a proud member of a Greek organization, I think the Pikes at FIU who posted to Facebook about dealing drugs, hazing pledges, and showing naked women ("Revenge of the Nerds," Michael E. Miller, August 29) are disgusting and deplorable and do not reflect Greek organizations as they really are. The rest of us are actual decent human beings who don't act like this. All they have done is further the negative stereotype of what the world thinks Greek organizations are like. They're an embarrassment to the Greek community, their national organization, the FIU community, their friends, and families. Cecilia08

Good riddance: I'm sure FIU's president is going to find these Facebook posts hilarious. So hilarious that he closes down the Pike house and boots these losers to the curb. Not that it matters at this point anyway, because they now have zero friends in the FIU community, and I'm just going to go out on a limb here and bet that the 17-year-old girl whose boobs were posted on their page has a brother or a father or a cousin itching to kick the shit out of somebody now. Anastasia Biltmore

Danger to society: This is embarrassing to FIU. People like to excuse this behavior by saying "boys will be boys." The thing is, they're not boys. They're adults. When they graduate (if they ever do), they will join the rest of us in regular society where people don't really care about what Greek cool kid club you belonged to. I'm glad the fraternity is suspended, and I hope that all others behaving in this manner face the same consequences. Chanelle Artiles


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