Reader mail: "Eminem is the greatest rapper alive"

Food for Thought

Kindness ban: If giving away food in parks is illegal, what happened to freedom of speech and the right to gather peacefully in protest ("Food Fight," Stefan Kamph, September 15)? Since when is it illegal to give away something you paid for? Where are the limits to our rights? What the #e!! is going on with our country? Now it's illegal to be kind to others too!


Leftovers: The groups that eat and are disrespectful to the residents are ruining it for everyone. Those of us who live in downtown Miami are tired of cleaning up Styrofoam containers blowing around the neighborhood and dealing with the rats and birds due to half-eaten food all over the streets. Groups come to eat and then don't deal with the consequences of their actions, like picking up their trash. We have no problem with helping others, but when it destroys our little quality of life, it's a problem. Do unto others.

Brad Knoefler

Five to one: Our rights are slowly deteriorating, but we must keep being loud and helping one another. Freedom of speech, freedom to help, and freedom to fight for what is right. As Jim Morrison said, "They got the guns, but we got the numbers." Food has always been the oldest way for mankind to connect and share its love and affection for another being, and we must show and scream that it cannot be taken away from us with handcuffs. No one should be hungry in this country, where restaurants would rather throw away food than feed a hungry person.


Be kind: In the end, what really matters is that you're born, you live, you die, and little of what you do has any lasting impact. All that really counts is being kind and sharing while we're here, and as trite as that might sound, it truly is all that has any immediate or lasting meaning. Nothing's perfect, but Food Not Bombs is a wonderful, heartfelt expression of kindness and sharing at the most basic level. Thank you to everyone at the Swamp and FNB for doing what you do.


All you need is love: I wish we had more young people like those in FNB. Too many are caught up in the materialistic rat race. The more the disparity between rich and poor widens, the more people will be put on the street. And who will help? Not the government.

Ray Del

Handout lesson: Feeding the hungry is good, but teaching them to feed themselves would be better. All FNB is doing is enabling the poor to survive. When you give someone something, you feel good but haven't really helped or changed the situation.


Haves and nots: Nice piece! Food Not Bombs' direct, simple, consistent, loving action of feeding the hungry and homeless, and its eponymous ideology that, for anyone with an ounce of compassion and an open mind, cuts to the root of so much of what's wrong with American society, can't help but raise important questions about whether we must accept a world in which the powerful Haves maintain a death grip on us tens of millions of Have-nots, of whom the homeless are just the extreme case. Hopefully the article will inspire at least some people to rise up against the system and its fat-ass lawyers.


Rappers Should Fly Solo

Sweet on Eminem: Good column about why Jay-Z and Eminem are tops ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, September 15). I agree with 95 percent of everything, though Eminem is the greatest rapper alive. His lyricism and wordplay are second to none. Jay makes more money because he's a businessman investing and venturing all over the place, while Eminem mainly stays at home with his daughters, rarely ever touring.

JT 3

Keep it real: Thank you. You have said everything I have been saying for years. Nothing against Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Drake, but they just don't have what others like Jay, Kanye, and Eminem have. These are artists who can display their talent without the need for backup. I was born and raised when the real hip-hop was around — when cats were beat-boxing on corners, when kids were break dancing in the streets, and when the music made you feel good. Nothing against where it has evolved to today; I just prefer my classic rhymes. Hats off to Jay, Ye, Em — you keep us grounded.

Suhailah Stevenson


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