Reader Mail: EDM's Drug Fetish Needs to End

Magic City Movie

Can't wait for the flick: After reading your update on the characters in "Pain & Gain," the Miami New Times series that was turned into a Michael Bay film ("Pain & Gain Revisited," Francisco Alvarado, April 4), I gotta see this movie. I somewhat remember the Sun Gym Gang, and Adrian Doorbal, the gang's violent henchman, used to go to a nightclub in Miami Lakes back in the day. Donnie Donnie

Dance Festival Death

Music, not drugs: I've been to Ultra Music Festival several times, but now I mostly go to pool parties and club events to avoid all the under-21 kids acting a mess — a point you drove home in your piece about the 20-year-old who died of an apparent drug overdose ("Ultra Death," Michael E. Miller, April 4). It's unfortunate that people think they have to do all these drugs to enjoy the good music. It gives electronic dance music a bad name, and stupid songs like "Molly" that clearly embrace that culture don't help, either. Voltrade


Letters to the Editor

Don't blame Molly: This kind of death is pretty rare considering I've seen countless people on club drugs at festivals while hearing about only this one person having a fatal reaction. Besides, there's no evidence that club drugs are behind this kid's death. He could have sought mental health help, and they very commonly prescribe more than one drug. Trust me, I'm sure I've done a lot more research than you have on MDMA. That's why I'm still standing here along with hundreds of thousands of other people. Don't get me wrong — I feel so bad for this kid. I really do. But don't blame MDMA and Ultra for what happened. cody07civicsi

Cycles of Theft

Take precautions: So your writer didn't bother to get the serial number of his expensive bike before it was stolen but then still wants to rant about the theft ("Bike Rage," Francisco Alvarado, April 4)? Why complain if you're too lazy to do that when you first got the bike? A decent bike shop will have it on record with your purchase and provide that documentation on your receipt when you purchase it. I go the extra yard sometimes by locking my bike with a U-lock and then hiding it away in the shrubs locked to a fence. Let the thief try to find the bike first. Otherwise, where I lock it up, it's always in a highly visible location where I can see it. There's safety in numbers, so the more friends who can daisy-chain together into one confusing and tangled mess of locked bikes, the better. And if you do catch the thief in the act — well, you didn't hear me say it — punish him mercilessly. Once he's knocked out cold, then call the police and report it. Jimbo99

Fight back: I lived on Fifth Street and Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, and my bike was locked up with a U-lock to my condo's bike rack. My bike still got jacked on a Friday night. Then, on Saturday night, while coming home from a movie with wife, what do I see to my amazement but the thief back with a blowtorch to take another bike. Not this time. I held him up long enough for the police to arrest him. SoBe residents have to step up and protect what's theirs. NeighbourHoodWatch

Foul Balls

In defense of Loria: I don't have a problem with what Jeffrey Loria did in assembling one of baseball's worst-ever lineups for this year's Marlins ("Smelly Fish," Ryan Yousefi, April 4). He spent $111 million last year, and the team still lost 93 games. As the owner, I would've done exactly the same. The goal is to win games, and if the players you've got on the field aren't accomplishing that, then they're not worth having around the clubhouse regardless of whether they're fan favorites or not. I enjoyed watching the Marlins win two World Series, and I didn't know a single player on the team those years. It doesn't matter who is on the field if they're winning the last game of the season and hoisting the championship trophy. Sometimes as fans we forget it's still a business, and the business of professional sports is winning the championship. cbs.trav

Don't be a masochist: Why would anybody go to see this AA League team play? It is a waste of money, time, and energy, plus it's immoral, indecent, and masochistic. Suareza

Speak up: This is really sad. We need to let this owner know how we feel. Instead, he's convinced himself he's helping the Marlins with this fire sale. Don Castaneda


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