Reader Mail: Drug Companies Want to Make Kratom Illegal

The Pimp With the Limp

He's the man: Your profile of DJ Laz ("Laz Rises Again," Francisco Alvarado, November 29) confirmed what I already knew: Laz is a superb human being. I came to that conclusion earlier this year when I met him. After 30 years of listening to this man and partying to his music, I am humbled by what he stands for and the love he transmits to everyone he meets. Thank you to the author of this article, for I have learned even more about Laz's hardships and his well-deserved successes. As Tony Robbins says: "Live your life with passion!" I see that Laz does. Tango48

Stern sucks: It's great that Laz wants to become a national radio star, but be your own personality, Laz. There's only one Howard Stern. Aim higher than that pig. floydianslipped

Drug Scare

All-natural cure: Kratom is a legitimate alternative medicine, not a terrifying drug ("Kratom Madness," Chris Sweeney, November 29). My dad uses kratom for his arthritis because it was presented to him as what it is: the leaves of a plant. His doc offered him Vicodin, Percocet — you name it — but he wouldn't go near those drugs. Kratom has been a godsend for him. How nice it is to read an honest article about it for once. davion9

Conflicts of interest: I have been using kratom for more than five years to treat pain from degenerative disc disease. Before finding this natural, unadulterated plant, Advil and Tylenol tore apart my stomach and liver and barely worked. With Vicodin and other prescription painkillers, I quickly developed a tolerance, and they stopped working. I notice that the people most interested in spreading scare stories about kratom are usually tied to the pharmaceutical industry, drug-testing companies, or addiction treatment facilities. They scream "deadly hallucinogen" in the hopes no one will notice they are lying, and have a vested interest in passing laws against this nontoxic, natural substance that could replace their poisonous patents. Kratom is nontoxic and has been used for thousands of years. Banning another plant would be a waste of taxpayer dollars. Prohibition only creates criminals who profit from corruption, and Big Pharma profits from corruption. Prohibition never worked for alcohol, and it doesn't work in the so-called war on drugs, which is actually just a war on people. I really appreciate the author of this article providing an accurate and firsthand reporting of this issue. edhoy09

Recruiting Hypocrisy

Deion is wrong: Uncle Luke, I love you, but you really need to do your homework before sticking up for Deion Sanders for allegedly recruiting kids to play at his charter school ("Don't Blame Deion," Luther Campbell, November 29). Deion's school is not a private school, so he doesn't have the same latitude. His school is a publicly funded charter school. Also, the reporter whom Deion has criticized for covering the scandal has written about more than just recruiting violations. That was a small segment of a larger story. Deion is playing the public, and he is playing you. Get the full picture before you put your name out there defending this dude. As a black man, I will always defend a brother against a racist media when called for, but when a brother is wrong, I can't support him. Deion is wrong. Desmond Jimmar

Belen doesn't recruit: Please review your sources, Uncle Luke. If you walk through the halls of Belen Jesuit, where you claim inner-city kids are recruited to play sports, there are approximately ten kids from the inner city in the entire high school. The only inner-city kids in the school are there through a program in which the school awards academic scholarships to those who make grades good enough to deserve them. They are not given any more money than any other kid in financial aid. Whether these kids play sports or not has nothing to do with recruiting. Half of the inner-city kids do not even play sports for the school, and most do not even start on the teams they are on, although there are a few exceptions (like Imani Davis of the class of 2012, who now plays for Akron University). Also, the fact that private schools offer a better education than public schools is no one's fault except the State of Florida. I will never read anything else by this writer or even by Miami New Times, which is upsetting because I thought this was a legitimate source of news. Please do not accuse this high school of illegally recruiting when you obviously do not know any facts. False


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