Reader Mail: Drop the Fear, Support Pot Legalization

Miami Beach Clowns

Not a funny joke: You're right that all four candidates for Miami Beach mayor are total jokes ("Seaside Circus," Michael E. Miller, October 24). This is the reason we are a banana republic just like Venezuela, where the president receives messages from the dead Hugo Chávez via a little bird. I disagree about incompetence being a citywide problem. There are lots of competent city employees in upper management positions. The thing is that they take the money for themselves and not for the city. clown

Smoke 'Em

Beware of dabs: The people in Miami making butane hash oil, the marijuana extract made by stripping THC from the buds using butane ("A Dab Will Do," Francisco Alvarado, October 24) are stupid. The butane can says "flammable." But there are also healthier ways to make hash — for example, by using the ice method to freeze the THC off the buds. If you don't make BHO the right way, there many toxins that can get into the wax and fuck you up. Your writer should have shined some light on why it's a bad idea to buy that street shit. Alvarado should have written about what medical marijuana can do for the sick and the state and what laws might help make that possible. Instead, he talked about all these idiots who don't know what they are doing or are trying to make a quick buck on a product that people don't know the dangers of putting in their bodies. There was only one sentence about legalization of medical marijuana in this story. Obviously, your writer did not research what he wrote about. What a waste of a read. cq17ave


Letters to the Editor

Time for medical marijuana: I was one of the people contacted in the recent Florida poll, and I said I believe it's time to legalize medical marijuana. I like to think doctors know what they are doing, but I can't help but wonder, why is this illegal in the first place? Where does the government come off banning a weed? I don't care for the idea of impaired people driving on the road after smoking pot. But still, that has nothing to do with government regulations. It seems smoking marijuana does much less harm than drinking alcohol. When polled, I agreed to support medical use, but I have never tried hash oil or BHO. Maybe once I evaluate it, I might think differently. lenny14

The crack of weed: This BHO stuff just became a felony in Michigan, carrying the same penalty as crack possession or production. And that's despite Michigan being a medical marijuana state. Steve Germond

Reefer Madness morons: I love how many people jump on a story like this to voice their ignorance. They base their views of marijuana off of scare-tactic movies like Reefer Madness and try to use those positions as hard facts. Do the research before you slam marijuana. I have, and I can shoot all you Reefer Madness crazies down all day with cold, hard facts. Send me the information you have of someone dying from marijuana use. I'll wait. kerby.rok

Keep your dabbing to yourself: If you feel the need to try your hand at making this stuff, whether it's eventually legalized or not, don't do it around me or anyone I give a damn about. And that includes marketing it, selling it, using it, and anything else you can think of. I want nothing to do with the criminal issues that this will eventually create. This also includes any addictions and financial shortcomings where one thinks they have to break into my home or car and rob me for their next fix. I don't want to pay a penny more for insurance because another person is under the influence of this crap. I don't want to pay more for health care over the medical problems this will cause. It's bad enough the human gene pool is already as polluted as it is that anyone would knowingly do this to themselves. And don't get on a soapbox preaching about alcohol and tobacco being worse than pot. I don't want alcoholics around me either. I might lead a boring life, but I like it that way. There are enough challenges without handicapping oneself with this stupidity. James G. Camp

Black College Disrespect

An economic reality: Uncle Luke may think the turmoil at Grambling State University's football program reflects a lack of respect for black colleges ("Off the Bus," Luther Campbell, October 24), but NPR just talked about why the program is so short on money: It's the economy, stupid! All the state schools have had money cut from their funding. Athletics is finally feeling the shortage in state funds. In larger schools, alumni give money back to the football programs to keep them comfortable. But Grambling? I'm not sure about its alumni funding, but it must not be too great. The reality is that athletics is a diversion and luxury for colleges. RedMan


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