Reader Mail: Don't Sell Your Body for College Tuition

Dangerous Sugar

Respect yourselves: Your piece about college women looking online for wealthy men ("Sugar Babies," Michael E. Miller, June 27) makes it clear that Miami is reaching a new level of grime. This is prostitution. Instead of using these men and selling their bodies, there are other options these women could take, like getting a job and supporting themselves. Yes, these jobs do not pay a lot and they suck, but that doesn't mean that it is impossible to support yourself or that the answer to your problems is to sell your body. When people ask in ten years, "How did you support yourself in college?" don't you want a story you can be proud of and tell your daughters and sons that you worked all night and studied all day and made it where you are today with hard work, drive, and dedication? Instead of saying, "I found a sugar-daddy stranger who had money to support me." If you teach the future generations to use one another in such an ill manner, how can we ever advance together? The story does bring up some big issues, though, specifically how expensive college is, how financial aid for students is lacking, and how bad the job market remains for college students. It also shows how backward Florida is: Instead of helping people who are out of options, drowning in debt at a young age, we let them prostitute themselves online. I think success through sex is not the way. It's why a lot of men don't respect women. It's why men and women in the workplace aren't equal. Shubh Khullar

Doesn't matter where the money goes: It's quite comical that the writer, the women, and the website owner like to remind people that the proceeds go to tuition or book payment or some other collegiate-related expense. Who gives a shit? It doesn't matter where the money is spent; what matters is how it is obtained. Attempting to justify or legitimize prostitution in the name of a presumed well-respected endeavor ("I'm going to college! I'm getting a degree to better myself!") is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Todd_Bridges


Letters to the Editor

It's prostitution: I have news for "Rachel," one of the local college students you interviewed. What she's doing sounds like prostitution, because that's exactly what it is. Exchanging sex for money is prostitution. That said, it is her body. She can do with it whatever she wants, as far as I am concerned. But please, let's call a spade a spade. Exiliado

Look for love elsewhere: This piece gets to the mentality of so many South Florida women who think they deserve something just because they bought a boob job. I'm not sure if this is because of the lack of quality guys here or if bad guys are attracted to South Florida because so many women have that mentality. Either way, find a significant other out of the state — or at least out of South Florida. Voltrade

Rigged Jury

Wrong charges: Uncle Luke makes a good argument that an all-white jury in the George Zimmerman murder trial is unfair ("Race to Trial," Luther Campbell, June 27), but the bigger problem is that he should have been charged with manslaughter, not murder. They will have a difficult time proving ­Zimmerman intended to kill Miami teen Trayvon Martin. It sucks because Zimmerman is responsible for taking that kid's life. People forget the situation: a kid walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood who, without provocation, was being followed by a grown man. ScaryMoney

Have to show up to get picked: Four years ago when I lived in Miami, I was chosen for jury duty. It was my civic duty, so I went. I remember being bored while waiting in a large room, so I counted how many women and how many men were there. One thing was evident: Of the 400 or so people, only about 30 were black. To get chosen, Luke, you have to show up. You can't try to beat the system and then complain when it bites you in the ass. I have been to jury duty only twice, but when less then 10 percent of the people come from a certain demographic, something is wrong. I also witnessed many of these people try to worm out of being ­selected. Then again, it has to be a conspiracy because that is the world you live in, Luke. Next you will complain that blacks should be picked up and driven to jury duty. kirkslade1

Understand the law: The Stand Your Ground law says if you believe your life is threatened within your home or your vehicle, you are authorized to use deadly force to defend yourself. What Zimmerman did doesn't fall into either of those brackets. When cyclists start having to carry guns to protect themselves out on the street, maybe then legislators will realize it's time that the law be updated. Kristofer Jesus Castellar


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