Reader Mail: Don't Blame Race for Zimmerman's Acquittal

The Acquittal

Justice, not racism: Whatever Uncle Luke may think, George Zimmerman's acquittal had nothing to do with race ("No Justice for Trayvon," Luther Campbell, July 18). It had to do with the fact that Zimmerman was in fear for his life. I would like to see anyone who was getting the crap kicked out of him who would lie there and take it instead of harming the person who might be trying to kill you. Anyone would want to protect himself like Zimmerman. Every day, blacks kill blacks, and it just rolls off everyone's shoulders. If I remember correctly, Trayvon Martin was the one who called Zimmerman a "creepy ass cracker." Isn't that racist? I think so! EnoughAlready

The cops blew it: Had Trayvon Martin shot and killed George Zimmerman under similar circumstances, Martin would have been quickly arrested by the Sanford Police Department and charged in the killing, without the benefit of the doubt and vigorously questioned by police if he claimed self-defense. The SPD treated Zimmerman easier than Sean Hannity treated him on Fox News — few tough questions, few questions about the details. The prosecution was handed a weak case because of the shoddy work of the SPD. Actually, they would have beaten Trayvon to a pulp first. And then claimed he was resisting arrest. Drakemallard


Reader Mail: Don't Blame Race for Zimmerman's Acquittal

Our justice system works: I'm black, and I'm not participating in any race war. I think George Zimmerman should have been found guilty, but our justice system is not perfect, and it's still the best the world has ever seen. We need to move forward and not let this divide us along racial lines. We all know (including black people) that O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. But the State of California couldn't prove he did beyond a reasonable doubt. This was also the case with Zimmerman. bigtrav127

No, it doesn't: How can anyone argue our justice system is the best in the world? Hundreds of innocent people in prison have been freed on DNA evidence, and 60 percent of them are black. Trevor Dooley, a black man in Tampa who shot his neighbor during a fight, goes to jail for eight years but Zimmerman walks thanks to an all-white jury where all the blacks were kicked out by the defense (which, mind you, is standard operating procedure in murder trials to kick all the blacks off). You really think this is the best in the world? How many other justice systems have you looked at? Have you looked at the justice system in Nepal or Maldives or France or Norway or Botswana? That's like my saying I have the best car in the world but never having even sat in another car. There is no moving forward when a young child is dead. We need a new legal system. hernandayoleary

Act right: This trial was all about Trayvon's behavior, not his race. If you act like a thug, you get treated that way. Luke is probably right that racism is not dead, but quite honestly, I think he is more racist than I am. All Trayvon needed to do was introduce himself and say where he was staying. He should have just walked up to the "crazy ass cracker' and said, "Hey, man, what's up? I'm staying with my dad's girlfriend for a few days." That's how honest people behave. YoYo

Ultra Dangerous

Where's the free water? There's another problem you didn't mention in your piece about the Ultra Music Fest concertgoer poisoned by a stranger's water bottle ("Don't Drink the Water," Michael E. Miller, July 18). Ultra advertised that "free water" would be available, but it actually had very little free, and extremely long lines were reported. However, it had plenty of $5 bottled water, according to other reviews of this event. How convenient to be prepared with the water for charge but not the free water. When you set expectations that there was to be free water, why would people come with money to buy? Aren't these teenagers and people in their early 20s? I agree that anyone who shares water is operating in risky territory, but we're talking about young adults, many in college, who naively trust those around them. wecantfixthat

Parental control: I've been going to Ultra since the very first one in 1999, and yes, there is always that one asshole who ruins it for the rest, who go to the show for the love of the music. We don't do drugs or anything stupid, and we sure as hell don't take anything from strangers. So people need to stop stereotyping. It's so ignorant. Parents need to stop blaming Ultra for drug use. The kids do drugs in clubs, at home, and at parties everywhere, not just at Ultra. The majority doing drugs are the idiot younger kids who don't know any better. It's the parents' job to talk to their kids about drugs and then guide them and hope they do the right thing. I also think Ultra should be for 18 years of age or older. I have seen 12- and 13-year-olds there. Where are their stupid parents? Saying Ultra is to blame for drug problems is like saying a liquor store is responsible for accidents caused by drunk drivers. Marianoell Gomez


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