Reader mail: Don't blame Drew Rosenhaus for athletes' dumb decisions

Muslim Hysteria

Islam deserves better: Your article about a local Muslim attorney defending his faith and an imam accused of funding terrorists ("Islamophobia," Lisa Rab, February 2) shows the sad reality of Muslims in this day and age. People are just trying to live their lives, but they can't thanks to right-wing propaganda. Paranoia has made them the monsters under the bed. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Yes, there are bad people of all religions who do evil things, but they are a small percentage of the whole. People such as Republican Rep. Allen West only make things worse. You would think they would get the idea into their heads that maybe, just maybe, if they stopped killing Muslims and trying to really tick off extremists, maybe even that small percentage of terrorists would start to fall off. Yet there are still atrocities committed against them every week. Is it any wonder why they really don't like us? Here is a thought. Think of everything we do to Muslims and then turn it around. How would you feel if all of that happened to you? People need to just grow up.

Pete Pepper


letters to the editor

Supergreedy Superagent

Bad example: While I don't disagree with Uncle Luke's argument that agent Drew Rosenhaus should give more back to the African-American areas from which he signs so many athletes ("Luke's Gospel: Superagent Drew Rosenhaus Should Give Back to the Black Community," Luther Campbell, February 2), I do have a problem with Luke using of all people Terrell Owens as an example of Drew not looking out for his clients. Aren't T.O. and the other NFL players Rosenhaus represents adults? Is he hired as a baby-sitter? Is anyone writing columns when we regular folks get bad advice, make bad investments, and end up broke without having had the fun of "living large" as Luke suggests Rosenhaus's clients have? Sorry, Luke, I can't seem to muster any sympathy, much less empathy, for the T.O.'s of the world. It's fine to ask Rosenhaus to give back — he can certainly afford it — but the reasons you cite and the person you use as an example ruin your argument.

John Q. Public

Gold-chain economics: I'm laughing at Luke lecturing Rosenhaus for not "teaching [his clients] to be responsible with their money." Rosenhaus gets them millions from wealthy white guys who own NFL teams. That's his job. Period. If a player wants to go out and spend $200,000 on a gold chain, it's not the agent's fault.


Blame white guys: According to Luke, black athletes are illiterate morons who need to have their hands held at all times or else they'll piss themselves. You think Rosenhaus needs to teach young black kids about fiscal responsibility? How about if the parents teach the kids fiscal responsibility? How about if the colleges that athletes attend give them courses in finance? Keep blaming the white man, bro. As long as you blame others for your problems, you never have to improve yourself. It's always someone else's fault.


Rosenhaus didn't blow the cash: Luke, you are like a 5-year-old who always puts the blame on someone else. I think Rosenhaus is a scumbag, but he did not buy three houses and ten cars; Terrell Owens did that. T.O. made millions of dollars, and now he is broke. Boohoo! Who gives a shit? Rosenhaus got the money for these kids. What they do with it after that is on them. Own up to your responsibilities.

Steven Miragliotta

Bizarre Bills

Pecan penalties: You missed the mark with your list of the strangest proposed laws in Tallahassee this year ("Purple Tress and Barking Frogs," Gus Garcia-Roberts, February 2). The law outlawing picking up pecans near farms makes sense because pecans are property and also an income item for many Florida landowners. There is nothing weird about that law, other than that normal theft of property laws should already apply. Also, the bill stiffening penalties for attacking lifeguards is logical; lifeguards do not need to be involved in fisticuffs while someone is drowning. Penalties should be severe. As for the other proposed laws highlighted, they are pretty stupid and are the kinds of proposals you expect from career politicians trying to keep their names on new laws so they can be used for re-election. When all the good laws are taken, these are what you get.

Joseph Edward Bodden

Rick Scott voters approve: The only thing that surprises me about these ridiculous bills is that the bright minds who thought of them did not try to submit them as amendments to the state constitution. If they had, the same bright minds who elected Rick Scott would certainly have voted for them.



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